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  • Introduction

Stay up to date with the latest sports news with Marca.com, the official app of Spain's top-selling newspaper. Whether you're a die-hard Madridista or just a sports enthusiast, this app has got you covered. From breaking transfer news to match results and rankings, Marca.com delivers it all right to your Android. But this app is not all about football. You can also find updates on other sports like Formula 1, swimming, and tennis. And with its integrated Radio Marca feature, you can even listen to live broadcasts. Don't miss a beat in the world of sports with Marca.com.

Features of Marca.com:

* Access to latest sports news: Stay updated with the latest sports news, including game results, rankings, and videos.

* Coverage of various sports: Apart from football, the app provides information about other sports like Formula 1, swimming, and tennis.

* Fun facts: Discover interesting and entertaining facts related to your favorite sports and athletes.

* Exclusive coverage on Madridista: Get a unique perspective on sports news with a noticeable emphasis on Madridista.

* Real-time updates: Be the first to know about Cristiano Ronaldo's hair changes and his latest goals.

* Radio broadcasting: Stream official broadcasts from Radio Marca within the app itself.


Stay ahead in the game with Marca.com, the ultimate app for sports fans. From football to Formula 1. this app has it all. Get the latest news, game results, and rankings, along with exclusive coverage on Madridista. Don't miss out on fun facts and real-time updates. With Radio Marca, you can even listen to official broadcasts. Download now and never miss a beat in the world of sports.


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  • Muy buena.
    2024-06-25 15:41:19
  • Obviamente es Marca, es el diario líder español en información de deporte. No hay quien te informe mejor, pero la experiencia de usuario en la app deja mucho que desear, en la app los vídeos a veces se ven, a veces no, según tu suerte. Muchas veces en la portada de la noticia pone que hay video, pero después dentro no hay, para ver un vídeo de 15seg. tienes que comerte una publi de 45seg. Se cierra bastante y es muy muy lenta para lo que son otras apps de similar información.
    2024-06-24 17:33:21
  • Esa publicidad me tiene loco. Magnífica app con buena información deportiva. pero tiene que haber una manera de minimizarlo.
    2024-06-23 14:29:04
  • Me pide que me registre para poder abrir pero no me dejar registrarme. Me pide que verifique la dirección de email pero no pasa nada.
    2024-06-22 20:47:06
  • Manipulación y mentiras sobre el acceso de aficionados rivales a los estadios
    2024-06-22 12:07:10
  • Constantly crash
    2024-06-22 10:03:03