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ai.type Emoji Keyboard

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Package ID:com.aitype.android.f

  • Introduction

With ai.type Emoji Keyboard, you have the power to create your ideal keyboard, tailored exactly to your preferences. This app offers unlimited customization options, allowing you to adjust the size, color themes, and elements of your keyboard. It's as simple as a few taps to set up ai.type Emoji Keyboard as your custom keyboard, granting you access to a complete customization menu. From here, you can fine-tune the size, assign functions to each key, apply different colors or groups, change the font, utilize the prediction system, or choose from a wide selection of themes. Plus, you can easily save and switch between multiple keyboard settings. With ai.type Emoji Keyboard, your perfect keyboard is just a few clicks away, offering an enhanced user experience.

Features of ai.type Emoji Keyboard:

❤️ Fully customizable keyboard: The app allows you to adjust the keys, size, color themes, and more according to your preferences.

❤️ Select dozens of elements: You have the freedom to choose from various elements to customize the keyboard exactly as you want.

❤️ Complete customization menu: With a dedicated menu, you can easily access all the features and options that make your typing experience easier.

❤️ Adjust keyboard size: Fine-tune the size of the keyboard to perfectly suit your writing style.

❤️ Assign different functions to each key: Personalize your keyboard by assigning different functions to individual keys.

❤️ Thousands of available themes: Choose from a wide range of themes to give your keyboard a unique and visually appealing look.


Experience the ultimate keyboard customization with ai.type Emoji Keyboard. Tailor every aspect of your keyboard, from size to colors, fonts, and themes, to create a keyboard that perfectly matches your preferences. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use customization menu, this app allows you to effortlessly personalize your typing experience. Download now and enjoy the convenience of a fully customizable keyboard that adapts to your needs in just a few clicks.


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