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Queue - What to Watch

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Package ID:co.queue.app

  • Introduction

Are you tired of scrolling endlessly through Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming services, only to end up watching the same shows over and over again? Look no further than Queue - What to Watch, the ultimate app for organizing and managing your entertainment choices. With this app, you can easily create and update lists of all the shows and movies you want to watch, as well as keep track of the ones you've already seen. But that's not all - Queue also has a social feature, allowing you to connect with friends, follow their recommendations, and share your own likes and dislikes. Say goodbye to decision paralysis and hello to a world of endless entertainment possibilities with Queue - What to Watch!

Features of Queue - What to Watch:

⭐️ Conveniently create and manage lists of what you want to watch and what you have already watched.

⭐️ Social section to follow friends and share likes and dislikes.

⭐️ Provides information on where to watch movies and series you are interested in.

⭐️ Helps you keep track of episodes you have watched.

⭐️ Easy to import existing lists from the Notes app on your device.

⭐️ Helps you discover new movies and series to watch.


If you're overwhelmed with the wide range of streaming services available and need a simple way to organize and keep track of your favorite movies and series, Queue - What to Watch is the perfect app for you. With its convenient list creation and management features, social section for sharing recommendations with friends, and the ability to import existing lists, you'll never run out of things to watch. Download Queue - What to Watch now and start enjoying a personalized entertainment experience.


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  • I hope this app gets updated and worked soon! The idea is so promising, but as of right now it's absolutely unusable. Cross platform with Apple doesn't work. Sadly the app constantly keeps crashing whenever I want to use a function.
    2024-06-22 14:13:39
  • The app just got released so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt but there is currently no way to track the progress of your shows. And it would be great if there will be a way to have details on not inly the show it self but the episode it has like each episode you can rate it and comment on it. Aside from the UI is nice and the organization well I will have to get used to it but it's nice Hopefully there will be features added next update
    2024-06-22 10:29:44
  • Completly False advertising. This is just an overly complicated list of movies to watch. The ad made it seem like you could swipe left and right on movies you like and don't Ike and they would suggest movies. But mope. It's just a checkmark saying I've watched this
    2024-06-22 08:12:07
  • Clean UI and refreshingly quick. However I noticed some shows are missing. Would be nice if there was some work around for that like adding a custom show to your list, or at least submitting something for review. However seems promising, hopefully developers keep pushing through good updates.
    2024-06-21 22:52:58
  • Nothing is working. Every single function seems to be coming soon. iOS version differs a lot
    2024-06-21 11:14:14
  • The one feature demonstrated in the ad is not live, app is cute but not a finished product.
    2024-06-21 09:53:58