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  • Introduction

Stay hydrated and keep track of your water intake effortlessly with Hydrillo. This app goes beyond simple calculations by considering your age, weight, lifestyle, and environment to determine your personalized hydration requirements. Set your own beverage goal or let the app do the math for you in just four easy steps. Stay on top of your hydration game with daily reminders that will prompt you to drink water throughout the day. Keep track of your water consumption with intuitive widgets and a drink diary that provides valuable insights into your hydration habits. And with sync capabilities with popular fitness apps, you can see how staying hydrated impacts your overall health and wellness. Improve your lifestyle and achieve optimal hydration with Hydrillo.

Features of Hydrillo:

* Personalized drink goal: The app helps you determine the optimal amount of water you should consume each day based on your age, weight, height, and activity level. You can also customize your own drink goal according to your preferences.

* Daily reminders and tracking: The app sends you regular notifications throughout the day to remind you to drink water and meet your daily water intake targets. You can easily track your water consumption to monitor your progress.

* Intuitive widgets and drink diary: The app provides widgets that display comprehensible data about your daily water consumption, showing how much water you have consumed and how much more you need to reach your target. It also includes a drink diary to keep a record of your water intake.

* Insights and statistics: The drink diary allows you to view the history of your drinks and provides insights into your water drinking habits and overall water balance. Weekly and monthly statistics help you track your progress and make improvements.

* Sync with other apps: The app can sync with Fitbit and Google Fit, allowing you to store all your health and fitness data in one place. You can see how your water consumption affects other aspects of your health, such as activity levels and sleep, making it easier to make lifestyle changes for better overall wellness.

* Easy to use: The app simplifies the process of keeping track of your water intake and staying hydrated. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, it ensures that you never lose track of the importance of hydration.


Hydrillo is an essential app for anyone looking to improve their hydration and overall health. With personalized drink goals, daily reminders, intuitive widgets, and the ability to sync with other health apps, it provides a convenient and effective way to track and increase your water intake. Download now to stay hydrated and achieve optimal wellness.


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