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  • Introduction

Fastdic is a fantastic app that brings together the Persian and English languages in one easy-to-use dictionary. Whether you're offline or simply prefer not to rely on an internet connection, this app has got you covered. With over 200,000 words at your fingertips, you can find the exact translation you're looking for, along with the correct pronunciation in both Standard UK and US accents. Not only does Fastdic offer a comprehensive dictionary, but it also includes over 4,000 helpful phrases that you can use in various contexts. Additionally, you can save your favorite words to a personalized vocabulary list for quick reference. Shake your phone to clear your search history and begin anew. Fastdic truly is the ultimate tool for translating and learning Persian and English.

Features of Fastdic:

> Easy to use offline Persian-English dictionary.

> Provides proper pronunciation of English words in both UK and US accents.

> Offers pronunciation guide for Persian words.

> Includes over 200,000 words in its dictionary.

> Allows users to add words to favorites for quick access.

> Provides over 4,000 distinct phrases for contextual usage.


Fastdic is the ultimate tool for language learning and translation. With an easy-to-use interface and offline functionality, it allows users to quickly translate any word or phrase between Persian and English. The app's pronunciation feature ensures accurate language acquisition, while the extensive dictionary and phrase database cater to diverse language needs. By saving favorite words and clearing search history with a simple shake, it prioritizes user convenience. Say goodbye to repetitive searches and language barriers – download Fastdic now to unlock a world of seamless language translation!


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  • Lots of stupid adds, A LOT, its so much that it doesn't even let you do what you want, you basically have to watch an add for every 2 words you search. It's a shame that you ruined this app for money. This is not even a dictionary anymore.
    2024-06-25 18:01:04
  • A very handy and useful dictionary
    2024-06-24 07:06:03
  • Thanks for making such a great dictionary, and now it becomes more and more better with example sentences for each words. It would be more interesting if you add synonym and antonym for each words in English. Thanks
    2024-06-24 00:33:30
  • An awful dictionary. Fuuuullll of advertising. Every time that I want to search for a word I am forced to see an advertisement and I cannot close it. It is really annoying since most of these advertisements have loud voices. I am so sorry for your organisation
    2024-06-24 00:06:18
  • advertising in wrong place either in wrong time exactly between you are pondering &studying. it will be fine if you want to have advertising just use it in the commencement of using your app. why you apply it exactly between of using. its not fair.
    2024-06-22 16:01:37
  • It is a perfect dictionary, but recently its audio pronunciation does not work properly and it works for one time and after that it stops.
    2024-06-22 15:54:41