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GPS Waypoints Navigator APK

GPS Waypoints Navigator

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Package ID:com.discipleskies.android.gpswaypointsnavigator

  • Introduction

Introducing GPS Waypoints Navigator | MAPS: the ultimate companion for all your navigation needs, whether you're an avid adventurer or a city dweller. This app takes your phone's GPS capabilities to the next level with visually stunning maps and a multitude of features. Say goodbye to the fear of losing internet access in remote areas, as this app allows you to download maps for offline use. Plotting routes and organizing waypoints has never been easier thanks to its innovative filing system. With over 400 maps to choose from and the ability to import/export data, GPS Waypoints Navigator | MAPS truly is a multi-tool for explorers. Whether you're sailing the seas or trekking through the wilderness, this app has got you covered with its support for various coordinate systems and nautical features. Stay on track with the app's measurement instruments and weather updates, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. Don't miss out on this must-have app for all your navigation adventures!

Features of GPS Waypoints Navigator:

> Advanced GPS with visually appealing maps: The app transforms your phone into a powerful GPS tool that provides visually appealing maps for easy navigation.

> Offline maps for remote areas: You can download maps for offline use, eliminating the need for internet access in outlying places. Never get lost in nature again!

> Convenient waypoint organization: The app offers an innovative filing system for organizing your waypoints. Whether you're documenting a hike or going geocaching, keeping track of your waypoints has never been easier.

> Wide range of map sources: With over 400 maps in its 3D vector map library, the app provides a plethora of map sources, including Topo Maps, Google Maps, Satellite Maps, and more. You can always find a map that suits your needs.

> Data import/export and sharing: The app supports KML, GPX, and KMZ file formats, allowing easy sharing of trails, waypoints, photographs, and comments. You can even view your data on Google Earth for a new layer of navigational experience.

> Nautical features: For seafarers, the app includes NOAA Nautical Charts, OpenSeaMap, and nautical unit reporting. Whether you're sailing, piloting a boat, or a yacht, you can navigate the seas with complete assurance.


Transform your phone into the ultimate GPS tool with GPS Waypoints Navigator | MAPS. With visually appealing maps, offline capabilities, and convenient waypoint organization, this app is perfect for hikers, off-roaders, seafarers, and city slickers alike. With support for various coordinate systems, accurate measurement tools, and a wide range of map sources, you'll never get lost again. Download GPS Waypoints Navigator | MAPS today and explore the world with ease!


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