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How It Works?

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  • Introduction

Discover the world in a whole new way with the engaging and educational Android game, "How It Works?" Contrary to popular belief, this game goes beyond passive observation and encourages active learning and discovery. Explore the intricacies of the natural world, from the depths of the ocean to outer space, through stunning images and challenging scenarios. This innovative game fosters active participation and critical thinking, allowing you to interact with various elements and observe the outcomes. Suitable for all ages, the game is narrated, making it accessible to younger players and a great way for families to bond over science. Dive into a fully interactive and animated world that brings scientific concepts to life, and even try out experiments at home to apply your newfound knowledge. With simple explanations and games, "How It Works?" makes learning fun and engaging.

Features of How It Works?:

❤️ Engaging educational experience: "How It Works?" allows players to embark on an immersive journey through the natural world, encouraging active learning and discovery.

❤️ Interactive and observational gameplay: Players can interact with various elements and observe the consequences, gaining knowledge and critical thinking skills through hands-on learning.

❤️ Narrated texts for all ages: The game is accessible to both children and adults, as all texts are narrated. This feature makes it enjoyable for younger players and allows for a family-friendly learning experience.

❤️ Completely interactive and animated: The game offers visually appealing and dynamic learning experiences through interactive animations, bringing scientific concepts to life.

❤️ Experiments to do at home: The on-screen research is just the beginning, as the game provides experiments and games that allow players to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

❤️ Simple explanations: The game also includes easy explanations that break down complex concepts, making it suitable for quick refreshers and review.


Immerse yourself in the engaging and interactive world of "How It Works?". This educational app offers an immersive journey through the natural world, promoting active learning and discovery. With narrated texts for all ages and visually appealing animations, learning becomes a family-friendly experience. The included experiments and simple explanations provide hands-on learning opportunities and make complex concepts easier to understand. Click now to download and embark on an adventure of knowledge!


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  • The app is great! Would it be possible to add Slovak translation?
    2024-06-24 08:09:35
  • Great work
    2024-06-23 11:48:28
  • Hi I'm Keerthi, I would like to record this videos and upload in youtube with your permission please give me the permission
    2024-06-23 10:19:19
  • good
    2024-06-22 20:22:33
  • Good knowledgeable game
    2024-06-22 04:20:54
  • This is the best way to learn about earth
    2024-06-20 18:52:01