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Class 4 CBSE Subjects & Maths APK

Class 4 CBSE Subjects & Maths

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  • Introduction

The Class 4 CBSE Subjects & Maths is the ultimate study tool for 4th grade students. It provides a comprehensive range of educational resources, including NCERT Textbook and Solutions, Past Year Papers, Sample Papers, MCQs, Online Tests, Video Lectures, and popular CBSE books. Designed in line with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines, this app covers all subjects taught in Class 4, such as EVS, Maths, English, and Hindi. It offers solutions to textbook questions, previous year papers, and question banks for thorough preparation. Additionally, the app provides interactive video lectures, discussion forums, and real-time doubt solving to enhance students' learning experience. This app is a part of the acclaimed EduRev platform, which has been recognized as the Best App of 2017 by Google and has garnered over 300 million visits in the last 2 years. With over 2 million users joining in the last 10 months, EduRev is a rapidly growing EdTech platform trusted by students worldwide.

Features of Class 4 CBSE Subjects & Maths:

> NCERT Solutions & Book Questions: Find comprehensive solutions for the NCERT textbooks and practice book questions to enhance your understanding of the subjects.

> CBSE Past Year Papers: Access previous year CBSE question papers to get an idea of the exam pattern and practice effectively.

> CBSE Sample Papers: Test your knowledge and preparation with CBSE sample papers, designed to help you excel in exams.

> MCQs and Online Tests: Practice multiple-choice questions to assess your knowledge and take online tests to evaluate your performance.

> Video Lectures: Learn from interactive video lectures that provide a visual and engaging way of understanding the topics.

> Discussion Forums: Join the active discussion forums to get instant help and solve your doubts in real-time, ensuring a seamless learning experience.


With a wide range of features such as NCERT solutions, past year papers, sample papers, MCQs, video lectures, and discussion forums, Class 4 CBSE Subjects & Maths app provides everything needed for a successful academic journey. Designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines, it ensures that students have access to accurate and relevant study materials. Download now to enhance your learning and excel in your exams.


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