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GPS Fields Area Measure Pro

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Package ID:lt.noframe.fieldsareameasure.pro

  • Introduction

Discover GPS Fields Area Measure PRO, the ultimate app for all your plotting and measuring needs. With this paid application, you can unlock premium features that will revolutionize the way you manage your areas. Experience a seamless user interface with easy access to all the tools you need. Measure distances, calculate perimeters, and mark coordinates with absolute precision using satellite technology. The app allows you to export your customized maps in various formats, including PDF. Save bookmarks, drag and locate positions precisely, and even add extra assets to your saved content. GPS Fields Area Measure PRO aims to be your go-to measurement and saving tool, providing accurate data and simplifying research and management.

Features of GPS Fields Area Measure Pro:

❤️ Online Maps: The app displays online maps directly on your screen, making it easy to visualize and navigate.

❤️ Plot Area Measurement: Users can take advantage of the app's measurement feature to accurately measure the area of plots, making it easier to manage land areas.

❤️ Satellite Precision: The app uses satellite data to provide absolute precision for shared parameters, ensuring accurate calculations of distance and perimeter.

❤️ Improved User Experience: The new version of the app offers an updated user interface, allowing users to easily control all features without searching for them. It also provides a button to close measurement information and export customized maps in multiple formats.

❤️ Bookmark and Drag Feature: Users can save bookmarks for specific locations and use the hand operation feature to drag and locate positions precisely on the map.

❤️ Measurement Data and Sharing: The app allows users to enter data into an information table, which can be freely edited later. It also enables users to monitor activity in restricted areas and share information about travel or exposure plans.


GPS Fields Area Measure PRO is a comprehensive and user-friendly app that provides a range of premium features. Its online map display, plot area measurement, and satellite precision ensure accurate calculations and easy management of land areas. The improved user experience and bookmarking feature make navigation and location marking hassle-free. Additionally, the app's data entry and sharing capabilities enhance its usefulness as a measurement and saving tool. With its wide range of features, GPS Fields Area Measure PRO is the perfect app for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient land measurement solution. Click now to experience the convenience and accuracy this app offers.


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  • dependable app
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  • works good for me
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  • Does what i needed it for.
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  • I'm like
    2024-06-22 08:10:33
  • How to import measures from free app to pro app
    2024-06-22 00:48:03