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Lighting Calculations

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Package ID:it.Ettore.calcoliilluminotecnici

  • Introduction

Introducing the game-changing app for lighting enthusiasts, Lighting Calculations! Say goodbye to the dark ages of estimating lighting needs and welcome precise assessments with this must-have app. With detailed graphics and sophisticated computations, you'll have everything you need in one place. From primary determinations like assessing light production and efficiency to fast and easy conversions between lux, lumens, and more, this app simplifies the entire process. Plus, it offers a wealth of information on interior lighting, lamp varieties, and even includes a useful form to track your lighting project. With its smart and humorous interface, Lighting Calculations adds a touch of fun to the sometimes serious task of lighting calculations. It's time to step into the light of understanding with this illuminating app!

Features of Lighting Calculations:

* Detailed graphics and sophisticated computations that provide precise lighting assessments for any setting.

* All-in-one app that includes simple computations, useful conversions, and abundant information on lighting.

* Eliminates the need for estimates in lighting calculations, determining the amount of light produced, number of lights needed, and their efficiency.

* Multiple unit converters that make conversions between lux, lumens, watts, footcandles, and more a breeze.

* Abundance of useful material including information on interior lighting needs, lamp and fitting varieties, light bulb forms, fluorescent tube sizes, and more.

* Helpful form for entering data relevant to your lighting project, making it easier to track progress and perfect your lighting scheme.


Lighting Calculations save the world is the must-have app for any lighting enthusiast. With its detailed graphics, precise computations, and abundance of information, this app takes the guesswork out of lighting assessments. Whether you need to determine the amount of light needed, make conversions, or learn about different lighting aspects, Lighting Calculations has got you covered. Say goodbye to estimates and time-consuming research, and download this game-changing app today. Illuminate your understanding of lighting and put an end to darkness!


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  • One of the best application for Android!!!!!!
    2024-06-27 05:50:23
  • Absolutely perfect!
    2024-06-24 20:17:08
  • Enjoy very much, very accurate!
    2024-06-21 22:29:10
  • ببخشید برای ایران چرا نیست
    2024-06-21 15:04:47
  • How do I perform the calibraton at the lux meter?
    2024-06-21 08:32:52
  • Good app for light designing interior purpose.
    2024-06-21 06:00:20