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Package ID:com.tradeindia.apps.timessenger

  • Introduction

Tradeindia.com App is a game-changer for B2B buying and selling. Unlike other platforms, this app is focused on facilitating transactions for large quantities of products. It's not about finding the best deal on a single item, but rather scoring the best price on a whole pallet of goods. With just a few simple steps, you can create a user account and dive into this bustling marketplace. From the main tab, you can explore the top buyers and sellers, while the Categories tab allows you to filter your search for specific products. Plus, you can request custom purchases and communicate directly with sellers through the app's messaging tool. Complete your profile to unlock advanced options and start reaping the benefits of this ultimate B2B business portal. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, Tradeindia.com App is your go-to platform for wholesale transactions.

Features of Tradeindia.com App:

* B2B Buying and Selling: The app allows users to buy and sell various products in large quantities, catering specifically to businesses.

* Wide Variety of Products: Users can find all kinds of products on the app, making it a one-stop platform for all their wholesale needs.

* Easy Account Creation: The process of creating a user account is quick and simple. Users only need to enter their email address to get started.

* Verification Process: Users receive a verification code within seconds of entering their email address, ensuring the security and authenticity of their accounts.

* Popular Buyers and Sellers: The app showcases the most popular and active buyers and sellers, providing users with valuable insights and potential business connections.

* Efficient Communication: With the app's built-in messaging tool, users can directly communicate with each other, making it easier to engage in discussions and reach agreements.


Download the Tradeindia.com App if you are looking to buy or sell wholesale products. The app is designed specifically for businesses and offers a wide range of products, along with a convenient user experience. With its easy account creation process, verification system, and efficient communication tools, the app provides a seamless platform for B2B buying and selling. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with popular buyers and sellers in the industry. Click here to download the app and start exploring the world of wholesale trade today.


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  • Excellent database of vendors but many technical glitches. When i go to RFQ, after filling the product requirements it can'tget submitted & asking for check my internet connection (it doesn't make any sense) & also It's asking to fill gst no. & when i put gst no. It asks for pincode & no matter how many times i put credentials it's asking same thing again & again. Can't contact the vendors.
    2024-06-25 07:55:55
  • Application is very easy for use and helpful and access all things very easy response also given easily to access
    2024-06-23 20:15:35
  • Very very bad experience.. App doesn't run properly. As a seller after posting a product it showing pending more than 2hours so far. Can't even post any product I want to sell. Not user friendly App. App runs very slow. Sometimes don't even respond. Zero star from my side. I am using other Apps for my wholesale business but i never found such kind of problem. If you are not serious about your App then remove it from play store or try to make a better one.
    2024-06-22 15:42:51
  • Trade India only does fraud, there are lot of liars at the time of booking, if I say in Hindi language then they are absolute thieves ( चोर कंपनी)
    2024-06-22 03:17:50
  • They charged me 1,44,000/- for their worst service. They couldn't even change their republic day theme on home page of their app. Recieving Fake inquiries again and again even after I marked them irrelevant. Account manager is not responding my calls or messages. My product aproval is pending from last one year. I tried to edit one product from my catalogue after submitting details that product is missing from entire catalogue. Very poor & very less buy leads. Better go for Indiamart&Alibaba
    2024-06-21 23:17:01
  • Very worsted. I can't updated my own profile. And can't uploaded my products. Each and every time i should email to IT wing for any uploads amd updates. It's very bad. Really.Trade India need more time to solve the customer complaints. Still i can't do anything with this app. Can't updated profile, can't upload products. Can somebody tell me what's going on. Does this app really works or it's sample. Every time got mail for update or uploaded. Then what's the purpose to download the app. "zero"
    2024-06-21 23:16:49