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NetBridge - No Root Tethering APK

NetBridge - No Root Tethering

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Package ID:com.microdimen.android.netbridge

  • Introduction

NetBridge is a revolutionary app that allows you to share your cellular data or extend your existing WiFi connection with ease. With just a few taps, you can create a WiFi hotspot from your mobile device that is already connected to WiFi. This app also offers a customizable DNS server, ensuring a secure and optimized internet experience. The best part is that there are no tethering plans or fees required, and your tethering remains completely hidden and undetectable. With blazing fast speeds and low resource consumption, NetBridge is the ideal solution for all your WiFi tethering needs. Its user-friendly interface and modern design make it a pleasure to use. Say goodbye to complicated configurations and say hello to seamless and reliable internet sharing.

Features of NetBridge - No Root Tethering:

- Share cellular data or extend existing WiFi connection: This app allows users to share their cellular data or create a WiFi hotspot from a mobile that is already connected to WiFi. This means that you can easily share your data with other devices or extend your existing WiFi connection to cover more areas.

- Custom DNS server: The app allows users to use a custom DNS server, which can be helpful for accessing blocked websites or improving network performance.

- Low resource consumption: The app is designed to consume minimal resources, ensuring that it does not put a strain on your device's performance or battery life.

- Easy to use & nice UI: The app is user-friendly and has a clean and attractive user interface that is easy to navigate. The configuration process is straightforward, requiring no extra effort from the users.

- WiFi to WiFi tether & Cellular network to WiFi tether: The app supports both WiFi to WiFi tethering and cellular network to WiFi tethering. This means that users can easily share their WiFi connection with other devices or use their cellular network to create a WiFi hotspot.

- No tethering plan or fees required: The app allows users to tether without the need for a specific tethering plan or incurring any additional fees. Moreover, the tethering is completely hidden and undetectable.


This app offers a range of useful features that make it easy to share cellular data or extend existing WiFi connections. With its customizable DNS server, low resource consumption, easy-to-use interface, and support for both WiFi to WiFi and cellular network to WiFi tethering, it provides a convenient and efficient solution. Download the app now to enjoy fast and reliable tethering without any extra costs or hassle.


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