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Speed Test | HighSpeedInternet APK

Speed Test | HighSpeedInternet

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Package ID:com.highspeedinternet.speedtest

  • Introduction

Get an unbiased view of your internet speed and compare service providers with the Speed Test | HighSpeedInternet app. With just one tap, you can test your Wi-Fi or cellular speeds and see exactly how your connection is performing. Trusted by millions of users, this app allows you to track your speeds over time and easily compare them. It automatically selects the best server based on your location for accurate results. Whether you want to troubleshoot speed issues, verify the speeds you're paying for, or simply measure your internet performance, the app has you covered. Best of all, it's 100% ad-free and completely free to use.

Features of Speed Test | HighSpeedInternet:

- It allows users to test their Wi-Fi or cellular speeds quickly and accurately with just a single tap on their mobile device.

- The app is trusted by millions of users and can be used to compare internet service providers.

- It provides an unbiased view of speed results and service options as it is not affiliated with any internet service or cellular network providers.

- The app automatically selects the best server for the speed test based on the user's location, ensuring accurate results.

- Users can measure download speed, upload speed, ping, jitter, and packet loss, and can store and compare historical test results.


Download the Speed Test | HighSpeedInternet app now for a free and ad-free way to test your internet speed. With its easy-to-use interface and accurate results, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to troubleshoot their internet speed issues, verify their speeds, and compare performance over time. Don't wait, start optimizing your internet connection today!


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  • Goid, but does not tell me what router I am connected to in the results.
    2024-06-23 14:56:30
  • Date: May Month 24TH Year 2024 Hello Speed Test I, Billie Jean Darling am GREATFUL to have your support and guidance. I with a TBI Ohio Card am not usually ever known to process fast. I am more slow at recognitions but am greatfully devout in my appreciates I comprehend this slow process to things but GREATFUL of healings as I able to Survive of such happiness I have to live and enjoy lifes beauty. Isaiah 41:13. Sincerely herauce, Miss Billie Jean Darling TBI Survivor ...thanks to all people
    2024-06-23 07:40:43
  • The first and best but . all Time no reall. but whey
    2024-06-23 04:01:42
  • proved spectrum test is wrong.
    2024-06-22 00:00:53
  • The app moves very slow and doesn't give accurate measurements
    2024-06-21 22:27:07
  • Very nice and reliable app to check internet speed of line
    2024-06-21 21:57:12