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MAE by Maybank2u

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Package ID:com.maybank2u.life

  • Introduction

The MAE app isn't your average banking tool—it surpasses expectations by offering comprehensive financial management and more. Easily monitor and control your accounts with minimal effort, and enjoy organizational tools to streamline your daily routines and achieve life goals. With robust security measures including biometric login and instant transaction alerts, your funds and data are safeguarded. Experience added lifestyle features such as expense tracking and food delivery integration. Whether you're a Maybank customer or not, accessing MAE is hassle-free; Maybank clients sync effortlessly with their M2U ID, while non-customers can swiftly sign up using their phone number. Simplify your life with the MAE app—your all-in-one solution for seamless banking and lifestyle management.

Features of MAE by Maybank2u:

* Banking: View accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and access other essential banking features.

* Security: Biometric login, instant transaction alerts, Secure2u for safer and faster transaction approvals, and the ability to hide your wallet balance.

* Lifestyle: Manage daily tasks and life goals with features like Expenses, Tabung, and Sama-Sama Lokal food delivery.

* Easy Set-Up for Maybank Customers: Existing Maybank customers can easily log in with their M2U ID to sync all their settings automatically.

* Instant Sign-Up for Non-Maybank Customers: Skip the branch queue and sign up instantly with just a phone to enjoy Maybank customer benefits.

* Access Permissions: The app seeks permission to access camera for QR code scanning and document uploads, contact directory for easy transaction selection, location for relevant food listings and promotions, phone's audio for direct calls to the bank's hotline, and settings for push notifications to receive Secure2u alerts.


MAE app is a comprehensive banking app that offers essential banking features along with additional lifestyle management tools. With its focus on security and convenience, it is an ideal solution for both Maybank and non-Maybank customers. Experience the ease and efficiency of managing your finances and lifestyle with just a few taps - click to download now.


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  • - schedule payment doesn't work properly - navigation experience is just horrible. Try to swipe back, but it asks if I want to exit the app rather than go back to previous screen.
    2024-06-25 20:09:20
  • Why do you make it so hard for me to sign up. I have to repeat all the step at least 7 time and its always says there is something wrong. Please fix this issues because i really want to pay cashless but i can't just because this stupid app. It started to annoyed me to even bother to download again .
    2024-06-23 15:03:10
  • Stop pushing useless promotional notifications. Extremely ANNOYING during working hour. Also, DO NOT suggest user to disable promotional notification at device settings because this is not a proper solution. After disabled 'promotional' notification channel, the next time Maybank pushes notification e.g. transaction awaiting approval, for some reason, Maybank would replace the 'promotional' channel with 'transaction' channel, making the 'transaction' channel disabled and notification not showing
    2024-06-23 14:08:57
  • Super lousy apps, apps stucked in forgot password page , I clicked continue and it just wont continue no matters what new password i put in. Don't understand why obsolete the M2U MY then push this non-matured apps out to replace something that already working. Maybe this is standard of Maybank.
    2024-06-22 19:33:21
  • couldnt retrieve receipts. lately few merchants didnt receive their money eventhough my side had successfully made payment and cash was deducted from my account. maybank cust service also sound like am trying to scam for few ringgit refund though i tried asking if merchant really didnt receive money yet my account had been deducted for the payment.
    2024-06-22 05:30:08
  • Very bad app. After I register my account on this app, the app is not working. This app doesn't help. This is useless. It's just a waste of time on registering the account for a very long procedure and yet the app is not working.
    2024-06-22 03:21:29