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  • Introduction

Welcome to ClassIn, the ultimate app for lifelong learning! Developed by Empower Education Online, it is a game-changing integrated teaching platform that revolutionizes the way we learn. With its online live classrooms, offline smart classrooms, LMS learning management system, and PLE personal learning environment, ClassIn has become a go-to app for educators and learners worldwide. With over 2 million educators and 30 million learners in 150 countries, this app provides high-quality, hybrid, and intelligent teaching solutions for K12 schools, universities, and enterprises. Its state-of-the-art features, like collaborative blackboards and virtual experiments, create an immersive and interactive learning experience. Plus, with its comprehensive learning management system, ClassIn empowers students to take control of their own learning journey, promoting creativity, communication, and collaboration skills. Say goodbye to traditional teaching methods and embrace the new era of learning with ClassIn!

Features of ClassIn:

- Integrated teaching platform: ClassIn is a comprehensive app that provides online live classrooms, offline smart classrooms, a learning management system, and a personal learning environment. It offers a seamless learning experience for both online and offline teaching.

- Global reach: The app is favored by educators and learners from 150 countries, making it a popular choice worldwide. It has been trusted by 2 million educators, 30 million learners, and 20,000 K12 schools, higher education institutions, and enterprises.

- High-quality teaching solutions: The app assists K12 schools, universities, and enterprises in achieving high-quality teaching through online, offline, hybrid, and intelligent methods. It provides educators with tools to create a course system, knowledge space, learning community, and evaluation data that focus on learners' needs.

- Comprehensive features: The app offers a range of features including collaborative blackboard, collaborative documents, group teaching, and virtual experiments. These features replicate the feeling of an offline environment and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

- Learning management system: The app includes a comprehensive learning platform for traditional teaching activities such as classrooms, homework, discussions, and assessments. It also promotes project-based, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning through collaborative documents and internet communication.

- Enhance students' skills: With this app, students can practice and enhance their creativity, communication, and collaboration skills. It provides a platform for students to construct their own learning pathways and become independent and self-disciplined lifelong learners.


ClassIn is a highly regarded app that offers a wide range of features and solutions for educators and learners globally. It provides a seamless learning experience with its integrated teaching platform, comprehensive features, and learning management system. The app empowers users to enhance their teaching and learning abilities and cultivate lifelong learners. Click now to join the new era of lifelong learning with this app!


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  • a horrible app. opens your camera without your consent when u switch tabs. it's also ALWAYS 'connecting' even if your internet is stable.
    2024-06-24 11:56:20
  • The best Virtual classroom I've experienced. I've been using this app for a year now. It is perfect for my classes and it has great tools for teaching online.
    2024-06-22 12:58:39
  • Please give us Android users (Samsung) in the USA notifications! Please! Why can we not receive notifications on our mobile phones? I have students submit things and try to contact me and I have no idea until its too late. Please give us notifications on our Samsung devices!!
    2024-06-22 01:04:28
  • It's bad. I can't log in sometimes and when I use my mic no one can hear me. Sometime the sound also disappears and I had to log out then log in again and again. Camera is also not working, I turned it on but my prof said he can't see me.
    2024-06-21 17:11:29
  • After the update I am not able to my camera from my laptop, everything seems lagging and buffering this leads to missing educational time... Cpu status is good when testing and it shows 0% loss rate
    2024-06-21 14:04:35
  • This app is pretty good but there's some bugs, and my battery is fully charged like when I used it for like 2mins for our short meeting it turned 30% like how is that even possible!! And it was also hot!
    2024-06-21 11:31:22