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Equalizer Music Player APK

Equalizer Music Player

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Package ID:musicplayer.bass.equalizer

  • Introduction

Experience the ultimate music and video player with Equalizer Music Player. This app offers an immersive audio and visual experience, allowing you to not only organize your songs effortlessly but also enhance their sound with a powerful equalizer. Even if you're new to this type of app, the app is incredibly user-friendly, with a straightforward main menu showcasing its numerous features. From enjoying audio clips in various formats to playing video clips, this app has it all. Take your audio and video experience to the next level with a ten-band equalizer, allowing you to customize the sound of your favorite content. Additionally, have fun altering tones and adding exciting effects with the sound changer feature. Equalizer Music Player truly revolutionizes the way you enjoy music and videos on your smartphone.

Features of Equalizer Music Player:

One of the best things about this app is its accessibility and user-friendliness. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even if you have never used a similar app before. The main menu of Equalizer Music Player displays all the available features for you to explore.

As the name suggests, this app supports audio clips in any format and also allows you to set timers, play music with the screen locked, add a widget to your home screen, and edit song data such as the album, artist, or track name. This versatility is a great advantage compared to other similar platforms.

Unlike many other players, Equalizer Music Player can also handle video clips. With its ten-band equalizer, you can enhance the sound quality of both audio and video clips. Whether you want to make basic adjustments or fine-tune specific aspects according to the genre, this app gives you the freedom to do so.

Additionally, Equalizer Music Player provides a sound changer feature that allows you to alter the tone of your clips and add fun effects like resonance, eco, tempo, volume, and bass, middle, and treble sounds. This adds a unique touch to your audio and video experiences.


With its comprehensive features, including organizing your music, enhancing sound quality, and editing song data, Equalizer Music Player app is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality music and video player. Click now to download and elevate your audio and video experience!


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