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  • Introduction

Welcome to Plato, the ultimate social networking platform that combines the excitement of meeting new people with the exhilaration of playing video games online. Whether you want to team up with your friends or engage in thrilling battles with random users around the globe, this app offers an extensive selection of over twenty captivating games to suit every taste. From multiplayer versions of Werewolf and Uno to classics like Chess and Pool, there's something for everyone. And it's not just about gaming! Connect with like-minded individuals through chat features, making this app the perfect place to socialize, play, and discover new friendships. Join us today and let the fun begin!

Features of Plato:

❤️ Play a wide variety of multiplayer games: Plato offers more than twenty different games for all tastes, including popular ones like Werewolf, Uno, Table Soccer, Pool, Hearts, and Chess.

❤️ Play with friends or random users: You can enjoy these fun games with your friends who use the app or with random users from all over the world.

❤️ Extensive list of games: Plato has an extensive list of all kinds of games, ensuring that you will never run out of options for entertainment.

❤️ Meet new people: Apart from playing games, this app is also a social networking platform where you can meet new people who share your interests.

❤️ Chat with other users: If you find someone interesting, start a chat and hang out with them. Close the chat if you don't like someone to end the conversation.

❤️ Super fun way to meet people: Plato provides a super fun way to meet people from all over the world by engaging in enjoyable gaming experiences together.


Plato is a social networking platform and gaming app that offers a wide selection of multiplayer games. Whether you want to challenge your friends or connect with new people, this app has you covered. With its extensive list of games and the ability to chat with other users, it provides a super fun way to meet people and enjoy gaming together. Download now and start your exciting gaming and socializing journey!


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  • Brawlbots needs some rework on nano. Is definitely the strongest tank.
    2024-06-23 22:46:41
  • Please, please, back to buy gold stars with coins, is really hard for users, many of us we were collecting coins just to buy gold stars, please, i want it back, i want to buy gold stars with coins
    2024-06-23 05:32:23
  • The game is awesome but it suddenly went into maintenance can it know when it will be fixed
    2024-06-23 04:58:17
  • Rip off I message the better player NEVER wins because the app has either RNG based games where the better the better player BARELY wins (COUGH COUGH BASKETBALL) or kinda skilled games . Also very money hungry they give you garbage quests for coins that ultimately lead to you buying like one thing ? Because the prices in this game are overpriced ASF , oh and don't think about entering any tournaments they go out the way to make it as unfair as possible .
    2024-06-21 19:20:58
  • Super fun but right now the ranked dice party is down. I can't find a way to report it in app so hopefully you read reviews
    2024-06-21 01:32:22
  • So hard to use new monster kittea. The problem is mana so hard to come, the algorithm brisk for kittea so bad. If you take mana for other monster, and then kittea stack up to 10+, then mana for all monster will be drain to zero. That is crazy, this is make the oppenent easy to control the game. And then you can't do anything. The mechanical for kittea like a super special attack and heal, but the fact for kittea is useless, kittea have no chance in the gold ranked.
    2024-06-21 00:56:03