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Package ID:com.cobra.iradar

  • Introduction

Stay one step ahead on the road with Cobra iRadar, the ultimate app for detecting speed traps and road hazards. This powerful tool allows you to contribute to a massive database, ensuring that you always have the latest information at your fingertips. Simply download the database for your country and be prepared for any surprises that may come your way. Planning a road trip? No worries. Input your route and let the app analyze it, alerting you to bumps, speed traps, and other possible dangers along the way. With Cobra iRadar, you'll never be caught off guard again. Get ready to hit the road with confidence.

Features of Cobra iRadar™:

* Detection of speed traps: The app helps users detect speed traps on the road, ensuring they can drive safely and avoid any potential speeding tickets.

* Road condition alerts: Users can receive alerts about roads in bad condition, allowing them to plan their route accordingly and avoid any potential hazards.

* Speed bump notifications: The app notifies users whenever they approach a speed bump, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

* Dangers detection: Apart from speed traps and road conditions, the app helps users identify and avoid other dangers on the road, keeping them safe throughout their journey.

* Contributing to the database: Users can contribute to the app's extensive database by reporting any new speed traps, road conditions, or dangers they come across, making the app more accurate and helpful for everyone.

* Route analysis: Before starting their journey, users can enter their planned route into the app, which will analyze it and provide them with information about any potential hazards they might encounter along the way.


Cobra iRadar is a must-have app for both road trips and shorter drives. With its features such as speed trap detection, road condition alerts, speed bump notifications, and dangers detection, users can always stay informed and prepared for any obstacles on the road. Additionally, the app's ability to analyze routes and the opportunity for users to contribute to the database make it a reliable and accurate companion for a safe and stress-free driving experience. Click now to download and ensure a smooth journey ahead!


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  • The way the radar displays your vehicle's battery voltage and current speed is AMAZING. This Cobra iRadar® APP IS REALLY REALLY GREAT. If anyone {needing/wanting} too buy a great radar that is cheap&works extremely well and you're not to familiar with them. Don't worry about stressing about setting it up. This app is so useful and easy to use. It's Definitely One Of A Kind. I Promise y'all will love this Cobra iRadar® App & Cobra Radar_
    2024-06-22 15:13:56
  • Had the app down loaded and everything was working brilliant. Had an update and can't open app without logging in. I never set up or registered program so i am unable to use app and dash cam in its entirety. Pretty disappointing, you spend money on a service and they suspend the service that you paid for. Anyone having these issues???
    2024-06-22 12:58:31
  • Rubbish! I've been using this for a few days now (minus the iradar because why should I have to pray another £80+ on top of a £180 dash cam!) and it does nothing but crash or freeze. The dashboard rarely works and the map doesn't move along and track my drive. It rarely tells me when there's a speed camera and won't let me 'report' anything or access the message centre. At this point I'm on the verge of deleting it because it seems pointless and a waste of time.
    2024-06-21 16:49:58
  • Paid $50 for this app & it does not work. Can't pull up maps,speed, if lights are going to change red, if police are in area, it does NOTHING it's suppose too. I did not buy this Cobra iRadar cam to not be able to use it. I should had just bought a cheap dash cam instead. Your app does not work. As of Dec. 2018, still junk. App. said now yjat I'm disconnected. What ever I do can not connect, does not work. Would I buy this again, NO!! Still carp app. does not work. Can't connect app. to Bluetooth
    2024-06-21 03:59:56
  • Ok too be honest, I gave this app a 1 star do to the fact I couldn't set up an account. I was wrong. Somehow it knew I had already had an account on a different app. Was interfearing with opening a new account. Once I was able to determine this. I was able to sign in.. Works ok but I really haven't used it alot yet. It does work.... Accuracy is to be determined.... May update at that time... Thanks
    2024-06-20 16:09:56
  • this app works very well I have been using it with my cobra radar detector very good app and radar detector. the membership is worth the money you get so many more important options. the GPS works with the radar detector it know your speed you can set it to warn you if you exceed a speed you can set your self' other members on the network can report road problems the the radar detector knows you location and will warn you way before you get to the location you can tell it to find another route.
    2024-06-20 07:01:58