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Package ID:com.drutol.malclient

  • Introduction

Stay up to date with all your favorite animes and mangas with the phenomenal MALClient app. By seamlessly integrating with MyAnimeList, one of the largest anime collections on the internet, this app allows you to watch your beloved series, receive personalized recommendations, and stay informed about the latest releases, all from the convenience of your Android device. With an effortless login using your MyAnimeList credentials, you can effortlessly access and modify your show history. Discover an array of categories such as highly rated series or current season releases, and immerse yourself in user reviews and captivating articles by the site's knowledgeable staff. As if that wasn't enough, MALClient even brings you a handy new releases calendar, ensuring you never miss an episode. Explore the endless possibilities of this content-packed app, making it your ultimate companion in the world of animes.

Features of MALClient:

> Watch favorite animes and mangas: This app allows users to follow their favorite animes and mangas, ensuring that they never miss an episode.

> MyAnimeList integration: The app utilizes the popular anime compilation website, MyAnimeList, to provide users with a vast collection of series to watch, personalized recommendations, and the latest releases.

> Convenient accessibility: Users can easily log in to their MyAnimeList account from their Android devices and view and edit the shows they have been watching on the website without any hassle.

> Optimized for smaller screens: The app offers all the great features of the MyAnimeList website but is perfectly adapted for smaller screens, providing a seamless user experience on smartphones.

> Well-organized series categories: The app organizes all series into various categories, including current season releases, highly rated series, and user favorites, making it easy for users to navigate and find new shows to watch.

> New releases calendar: The app includes a calendar feature that allows users to check when new episodes of their favorite shows are available, ensuring that they stay up to date with the latest releases.


MALClient is a content-packed app that offers a comprehensive anime and manga experience. With features such as easy access to favorite shows, a wide range of series to explore, personalized recommendations, and a new releases calendar, it is a must-have for anime enthusiasts. Download the app now to enhance your anime-watching experience on your Android device.


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  • One of the best MAL client, if not the best. Summary on Calendar is killer feature. Although UI could use some improvement in my opinion. Overall highly recommended for those who watches anime daily!
    2024-06-26 08:29:21
  • Although the mobile version has a plethera of animes to choose from and an intuitive interface, it lacks severely in the categories department. Why don't we have categories to choose our animes from? Also, it needs improvement in the recommendations tab. An Anime shouldn't be recommended from something you marked as planned to watch. Most of the times, recommendations from animes you've watched aren't really based off of a lot, just genre. There's room for improvement.
    2024-06-24 03:42:16
  • Does a very good job of letting you track your anime/manga consumption, from real time calendars, episode trackers, user reviews, etc. Fell short of the 5 stars due to occasional interface glitches and some unintuitive organizational decisions. The interface glitches get fixed quickly with updates when they arise. Ultimately, the app does its job right and I'd recommend at least giving it a shot if you're an avid anime watcher and/or manga reader.
    2024-06-23 07:05:49
  • Thank you for continually updating the app as it does have optimization shortcomings, a ton of bugs, and features that make the mobile experience a bit of a clutter. Still, this current version is a great improvement from the mess that was the app a couple years ago. Keep up the good work!
    2024-06-22 13:37:35
  • I really appreciate this app. It's my preferred way to interact with MAL, as I primarily use it for tracking my anime viewing, maintaining my lists, and searching the database. Due to how MAL's API works, there are occasionally hiccups with signing in should you get signed out, or things like that, but it's not on the app's end, and is usually fixed realtiveky quickly.
    2024-06-22 12:50:20
  • I don't get why you can't see the alternate titles. I may just not be looking in the right spot but I can't see the alternate titles of some Anime, requiring me to go to MAL in browser just to check it. The UI took me a bit to get used to, but a really useful app after that.
    2024-06-22 00:09:14