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  • Introduction

onX Offroad stands out as the ultimate companion for all your trail and adventure endeavors. Whether you're into biking, motorcycling, snowmobiling, or ATV riding, this app caters to your needs comprehensively. It features detailed trail maps sourced from trusted organizations like USFS, MVUM, BLM, and NPS, offering insights into terrain suitability and optimal visiting seasons. Choose from satellite, road, or 3D map views for enhanced navigation. Benefit from essential amenities such as trailer parking, gas stations, and fishing spots, and utilize offline mode for remote areas. Ensure safety with land ownership verification and track your journey details with speed and distance recording. Explore confidently with onX Offroad, your essential tool for exploring off-road trails across the United States.

Features of onX Offroad:

- Trail and adventure-tracking app for all types of terrain.

- Provides clear depiction of roads, trails, and type of vehicle recommended for each one.

- Offers additional information such as trailer parking, gas stations, boat ramps, fishing areas, and more.

- Allows convenient route planning and saving points of interest.

- Provides data recording on speed and total distance traveled.

- Indicates whether land is public or private property to avoid trespassing.


If you love exploring off-road trails and want a safe and reliable way to navigate through different terrains, onX Offroad is the perfect app for you. With its extensive features, it ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, from trail recommendations to nearby amenities. The ability to navigate offline and compatibility with Android Auto make it even more convenient for your adventures. Don't miss out on this essential tool - download onX Offroad now and start exploring with confidence.


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  • I did a free trial and was able to cancel without hassle. I did the trial to visually scan my neighborhood to see the name of each property owner. I was particularly interested in two derelict properties. I get the impression that the app is used more for sleuthing than sporting. The tax assessor makes all of this ownership information available for free. The app just displays it efficiently.
    2024-06-25 16:36:26
  • I just wanted to check out the app and now it says I have 7 days to cancel or I'll be charged....the I instructions for canceling are not working. Is this a scam?
    2024-06-23 16:07:01
  • Great customer service if you have issues. Awesome offline back country tracking system.
    2024-06-22 16:30:35
  • You can't pine a destination and have it guide you too the location. Plus you had a price increase
    2024-06-22 14:19:35
  • Perfect app for beginners or seasoned offroaders. They are constantly improving the app and listen to user feedback.
    2024-06-22 09:48:57
  • Great maps, useful and always getting updated. Keep trails open - respect and take care of our public lands!
    2024-06-21 23:18:39