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Introducing Direct Health Doc, the ultimate telehealth messaging app that allows doctors to connect safely and efficiently with their patients. With just one click, doctors can provide secure virtual care through text messaging, voice calls, or video chats, generating new income options and maintaining important client relationships. The app is HIPAA compliant and incredibly easy to use, providing doctors with streamlined patient management, a private and secure connection, and the freedom to work flexibly anywhere, anytime. With thousands of doctors across the globe already using Direct Health Doc, it's the go-to app for high-quality virtual care appointments in a wide range of specialties. Download today and start offering mobile telehealth to your patients!

Features of Direct Health Doc:

❤️ Telehealth messaging: Connect safely with patients through text, voice call, or video chat.

❤️ Secure virtual care: Provide a secure platform for patients outside of the office.

❤️ Efficiency and convenience: Save time with streamlined patient management and easy virtual appointments.

❤️ HIPAA compliance: Ensure privacy and security with a compliant communication system.

❤️ Flexible and customizable: Set your own rates, availability, and response times.

❤️ Easy to use: Access and manage your account from your mobile phone or online browser.


Direct Health Doc is the perfect App for doctors who want to offer virtual care to their patients. With telehealth messaging options such as text, voice call, and video chat, doctors can safely connect with their patients outside of the office. The App provides a secure and HIPAA compliant platform, ensuring privacy and security for both doctors and patients. With the app, doctors can streamline patient management and offer convenient virtual appointments. The App offers flexibility and customization, allowing doctors to set their own rates and availability. The ease of use, along with the features provided by Direct Health Doc, make it a must-have App for doctors who want to provide top-quality virtual care to their patients. Download today and start offering mobile telehealth to your patients!


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