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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro

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Package ID:com.acmeaom.android.myradar

  • Introduction

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro is not just your average weather app, it is a professional weather forecaster that goes above and beyond to provide users with real-time updates and a plethora of features. The app's interface is simple yet polished, allowing users to easily navigate the map or radar and stay up-to-date with the latest weather developments. With user-friendly tools and customizable options, monitoring the weather has never been easier. In addition to the map, the app offers comprehensive and up-to-date weather reports that users can access up to a week in advance, complete with specific times of weather changes and the ability to set reminders and receive alerts. The app's built-in map is a powerful tool for visualizing environmental and weather changes, and users can even check air quality worldwide with the radar feature. Not only does MyRadar Weather Radar Pro keep you informed about weather conditions, but it also provides notifications of approaching natural disasters, allowing users to take appropriate action and keep themselves and their valuable assets safe. This app truly stands out from the rest, delivering outstanding reports and news sourced from reliable worldwide sources.

Features of MyRadar Weather Radar Pro:

⭐️ Professional weather forecasting interface: The app provides a simple and user-friendly interface with multiple layout options for easy navigation and tracking of the latest weather developments. It also offers user-friendly tools and features for efficient weather monitoring.

⭐️ Comprehensive and up-to-date weather reports: Users can access detailed weather reports up to a week in advance, including specific times of weather changes. The app allows users to add reminders or comments to specific days and sends alerts for weather forecast changes, ensuring users can plan activities accordingly.

⭐️ Built-in map with enhanced functions: The integrated map allows users to visualize weather changes and environmental conditions in different locations. Multiple perspectives are available to determine wind or wave directions. The search tool helps users check local weather situations worldwide, along with additional geographic information.

⭐️ Notifications of approaching natural disasters: The app gathers data about storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis and provides reliable reports to users. It immediately alerts users in their area about severe weather conditions, allowing them to take appropriate action. The smartwatch integration enables users to track storm movements and stay updated.

⭐️ Radar for checking air quality: The app's radar can detect and display air quality information worldwide, along with various filters. The indicator on the map shows accurate air quality data with different colors. Users can adjust layers and use the timelapse feature to observe real-time air changes.

⭐️ Reliable and sourced information: MyRadar Weather Radar Pro fetches information from reliable worldwide sources to deliver the best weather reports and news. Users can rely on the app's accuracy and trustworthiness for all weather-related issues.


MyRadar Weather Radar Pro is an exceptional weather forecasting app that offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive weather reports, enhanced mapping features, timely notifications about natural disasters, and the ability to check air quality. With its reliable information and outstanding functionality, it is a must-have app for users seeking real-time weather updates and beyond. Download now to experience the best-in-class weather forecasting.


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  • Used to be great. Now they have so much going on and it won't let you change the screen size. Just keeps going back to the screen of its choice. Update: contacted Andy at website... No reply at all. Update: gotten better. Update: problem fixed. But added a new one. Click on the warnings and it takes you to a TEMU ad and no warning. Lovely. UPDATE: Working properly!
    2024-06-22 23:09:05
  • It's a great app, I love it. I bought the pro version on a old phone, and the purchase didn't carry over, how to I make that happen? Please and Ty
    2024-06-22 20:25:53
  • Radar widget often doesn't update unless you manually open the app. It will sometimes show radar from 12+ hours ago. Developer does not respond to support requests - support tickets are generated and never responded to.
    2024-06-22 16:48:37
  • The wildfire notifications need to stop. I'm getting at least 4 a day. I'm on the fire department there are no active wildfires. Stop.
    2024-06-22 16:47:11
  • Good app. But I keep getting weather alerts "from my area" which is no where near my area. 2 states over is not my area..
    2024-06-22 10:33:19
  • No Chromecast feature. Useless at this time. I'll check back in the future and maybe it will be better.
    2024-06-22 07:19:17