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Microsoft 365 Admin

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Package ID:com.ms.office365admin

  • Introduction

Are you tired of spending countless hours managing your team's Microsoft 365 subscriptions? Look no further, because Microsoft 365 Admin is here to make your life easier! This official app allows you to seamlessly handle all aspects of your Microsoft 365 service within your educational center or company. From managing users and their permissions to troubleshooting account issues, this app has got you covered. Plus, with the ability to add or remove licenses for your users, you can grant them access to even more amazing Microsoft 365 products. The app's sleek design, support for multiple languages, and handy dark theme make it a must-have for any busy admin. So why wait? Download Microsoft 365 Admin's APK now and take control of your team's subscriptions effortlessly.

Features of Microsoft 365 Admin:

* User Management: With Microsoft 365 Admin, you can seamlessly manage users within your organization or educational center. Add new users and assign specific roles and permissions as needed.

* Notifications: Stay up to date with urgent matters with the app's notification feature. Receive instant alerts and address issues promptly to ensure smooth operations.

* Account Assistance: Help users access their accounts and resolve any problems they might encounter. Provide support and assistance to ensure a seamless user experience.

* Device Management: Manage devices connected to the Microsoft 365 service. Easily handle device-related tasks and ensure efficient usage and security.

* License Management: Manage each user's licenses effortlessly. Add or remove licenses to grant access to a wide range of Microsoft 365 products, enhancing users' productivity.

* Seamless Profile Switching: If you manage multiple computers, the app allows for quick switching between profiles. Perform all necessary actions seamlessly, making multitasking a breeze.


Experience the convenience of managing your team's Microsoft 365 subscriptions with ease. With the Microsoft 365 Admin app, you can effortlessly handle user management, receive real-time notifications, provide account assistance, manage devices, and simplify license management. The app is also equipped with a dark theme and supports 39 languages. Download Microsoft 365 Admin's APK now and streamline your Microsoft 365 operations.


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