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  • Introduction

Stay up to date with all of your vaccines by using the หมอพร้อม app! Available for Android, this health app is specifically designed for those living in Thailand. With just a quick glance at the app's main screen, you can easily check your vaccination history. By linking to the Thai healthcare system, it provides you with access to all the information related to your health card. Simply register with your ID number and you'll have all the details about the vaccines you've received over the years. Not limited to just COVID-19 vaccines, the app also tracks and alerts you about future appointments for other vaccines. Plus, your privacy is a top priority, so you can trust that your health data is protected with maximum security. Download the app for Android today and stay on top of your vaccinations in Thailand.

Features of หมอพร้อม:

- Vaccine History Check: The app allows you to easily check your vaccination history by connecting to the Thai healthcare system's database. You can quickly see all the vaccines you've received over the years.

- User-friendly Interface: หมอพร้อม features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to access all the relevant information related to their health card. Navigating through the app is a breeze.

- Secure Registration: To use the app, you will need to register by entering your ID number. The registration process ensures the privacy and security of your health data, guaranteeing maximum protection.

- Comprehensive Vaccination Data: While initially developed for tracking COVID-19 vaccinations in Thailand, the app also includes information on other vaccines you've received. It keeps track of each vaccine and sends alerts for future vaccination appointments.

- Personalized Appointment Reminders: หมอพร้อม sends reminders for any upcoming vaccination appointments you need to attend in person. These reminders help you stay on top of your health and ensure you never miss an important appointment.

- Convenient and Reliable: Downloading the หมอพร้อม APK for Android provides an easy and hassle-free way to keep track of all the vaccines you receive in Thailand. The app offers a reliable solution for managing your vaccination history and ensures your privacy is safeguarded.


Stay informed and in control of your vaccination history with หมอพร้อม. Its user-friendly interface, secure registration process, comprehensive vaccination data, and personalized appointment reminders make it the perfect tool for managing your health. Download the app now to easily access all your vaccine information and stay on top of your health journey.


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