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Package ID:ru.profmedia.avtoradio

  • Introduction

Авторадио is the ultimate music platform app that brings you a seamless music experience, news updates, live programs, and fascinating podcasts. This prestigious Russian radio station offers a wide selection of the latest hits, ensuring you stay up to date with the hottest tunes. Whether you want to enjoy live broadcasts or catch up on your favorite shows, Авторадио has you covered with its versatile music player. With genres like pop, rock, and jazz, you can explore your favorite genres and discover hidden gems. Stay informed with podcasts and news and create personalized playlists for effortless access. Whenever and wherever you desire, Авторадио delivers top-notch content without interruptions. Download Авторадио for free and unlock the door to endless entertainment and information from this remarkable radio station.

Features of Авторадио:

- Wide selection of the latest hits: Enjoy a variety of popular genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and more.

- Live and recorded content: Access live programming as well as favorite broadcasts that you missed.

- Special podcast and news section: Discover new content tailored to your preferences and stay updated with everything happening in your area.

- Comfortable and intuitive interface: Enjoy a simple user experience with clearly divided sections.

- Create playlists: Compile all the content you like for easier access.

- High-quality content without cuts: The powerful player and real-time programs deliver uninterrupted enjoyment.


Авторадио is the ultimate app for music and news enthusiasts who want to access a wide range of entertainment whenever and wherever they want. With a vast collection of the latest hits, live and recorded content, special podcasts, and news section, this app offers a diverse range of content tailored to your preferences. The comfortable and intuitive interface makes navigation seamless, and the ability to create playlists ensures easy access to your favorite content. Download Авторадио for free and experience uninterrupted high-quality entertainment from this prestigious Russian radio station throughout the day.


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  • В прямом эфире песни звучят 50 снкунд. Galaxy S3.
    2024-06-21 21:21:17
  • Home now
    2024-06-21 12:16:54
  • Превратили радио в помойку с убогой однотипной попсой, которая играет по несколько раз на дню. Кого не спрошу - всех задолбал уже этот шлак
    2024-06-21 06:31:36
  • Нелохо
    2024-06-20 08:52:42
  • Good radio station
    2024-06-20 00:09:13
  • Слушать невозможно, постоянная буферизация, пришлось удалить.
    2024-06-19 16:49:15