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Package ID:com.tplink.kasa_android

  • Introduction

With Kasa Smart, you have the power to control your TP-LINK Smart Home devices from anywhere in the world. Whether you're on the go, at work, or even on vacation, this app allows you to add, configure, monitor, and control all your connected devices with ease. With just a few taps, you can schedule your appliances to turn on or off according to your daily routine, or set them to Away Mode to give the illusion that someone is home, keeping potential burglars at bay. It's the ultimate convenience and peace of mind wrapped into one powerful app. Get started today by purchasing a TP-LINK Smart Home device and downloading Kasa Smart.

Features of Kasa Smart:

> Compatibility with a wide range of TP-LINK Smart Home devices: The app supports various TP-LINK devices including smart plugs, switches, power strips, bulbs, cameras, routers, and range extenders.

> Remote control and monitoring: With Kasa Smart, you can easily add and configure your TP-LINK devices, and control them from anywhere in the world. This allows you to conveniently manage your smart home devices even when you're not at home.

> Schedule automation: The app enables you to create personalized schedules for your appliances, allowing them to turn on or off automatically based on your preferred timings. This feature ensures convenience and energy efficiency.

> Away Mode for security: Kasa Smart offers an Away Mode option, which helps deter potential burglars by randomly turning your devices on and off to give an impression that someone is home. This enhances your home security when you're away.

> Easy setup and user-friendly interface: Setting up the app and connecting your TP-LINK devices is straightforward, and the app provides a simple and intuitive interface for seamless device management.

> Expandable TP-LINK ecosystem: By purchasing TP-LINK Smart Home devices and using Kasa Smart, you can gradually expand your smart home ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of a fully automated and connected home.


Experience the convenience, security, and energy efficiency of a smart home with Kasa Smart. Compatible with a wide range of TP-LINK Smart Home devices, this app allows you to effortlessly control and monitor your devices from anywhere. Create personalized schedules, deter burglars with Away Mode, and enjoy a user-friendly interface for seamless management. Start your smart home journey today by downloading the app and incorporating TP-LINK devices into your home.


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  • The app is decent and allows you to control and monitor your devices, however, the widget for live view and preview of activity will only show activity that is sent to the cloud. So, if you're using a microSD to do 24/7 recording and don't have the cloud service, the widget will NOT show your activity feed. For this reason, I'm only giving the app 2 stars. If they someday make it so activity recorded on the memory card can be seen and accessed from the widget, I'll change my rating.
    2024-06-22 16:15:50
  • Very decent app overall. Please add the ability to manually resync the timezone of a device that is incorrectly set. One device doesn't appear to be setting correctly. Also would be nice to set maximum light threshold on switches. I don't need 100% to be full power of the circuit. To save power, on other switches I cap the maximum at about 50% so that 100% value is only half the power of the circuit. And I have more dimming granularity.
    2024-06-21 16:24:46
  • I like it. Easy set up and work like expected. I wish they would add some additional functionality to build robust scheduling scenarios. But overall a good product
    2024-06-21 08:34:14
  • Dumb devs didn't think any feature through. Widgets take up 3 spaces for 1 device control, can't sort devices by room without having to tap into each individual room. Really braindead design choices.
    2024-06-21 07:20:04
  • Works well most of the time. I can view recorded video from the SD card and it shows when movement or sound was detected on the time slider. I'm having an issue where the wrong video feed will appear in the app (room 1 selected but room 2 shows up, but viewing room 2 also shows room 2). Not sure if it's the camera or stupid optimum router.
    2024-06-21 06:36:28
  • Does a pretty good job with minimal investment required, e.g., no hub. "Away mode" is super handy, but should be integrated into the "smart actions"/"scenes" functionality...which it currently is not. The Kasa vs. Tapo incompatibility is mystifying, though: same company, almost identical products, almost identical functionality, but requiring separate apps. Clumsy move, TP-Link.
    2024-06-20 14:00:42