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  • Introduction

ToonTap is an incredible app that will revolutionize the way you edit photos. With just a single tap, you can turn your ordinary pictures into hilarious cartoons or other amusing content. But that's not all - this app also offers a comprehensive photo editor that allows you to enhance your photos with various features and functions. Create unique profile pictures with the app's avatar creator and face filters, and surprise your friends with your newfound anime or cartoon likeness. And if you have old, low-quality photos, ToonTap can transform them into high-definition images with just a few adjustments. Discover the fun and creativity that ToonTap brings to photo editing!

Features of ToonTap:

❤️ Cartoonish photo editor with humorous elements: Transform your photos into hilarious cartoons with just a tap. Use a variety of caricature face filters to create spectacular 3D cartoon characters and shock your friends on social media platforms.

❤️ Create unique profile pictures: Use the app's brand-new avatar creator and additional face-app filters to create profile pictures that reflect your own style and personality. Make as many adjustments as you want to showcase your uniqueness.

❤️ High-quality photo editor and enhancer: Instantly improve the quality of your photos by removing scratches, pixelation, and low quality. Increase the number of pixels to transform your images into clear, high-definition masterpieces. Restore and colorize old photos to bring back happy memories.

❤️ Check your ages with the app's sliders: Have fun with the app's anti-aging face switch mode that shows you how you'll look in your 70s and 80s. Play a face-changing game with your friends using the aging booth effect.

❤️ Check out new hairstyles with unique colors: Experiment with different hairstyles by instantly shifting from short to long hair with just one touch. Discover the perfect hair length for you without leaving your house.

❤️ Crop and tilt photos how you want: Use the crop tool to effortlessly crop and rotate your photos to fit your desired composition. Make adjustments to the lighting by changing the contrast, warmth, and highlights.


ToonTap is an innovative and fun photo editor app that turns your photos into hilarious cartoons, enhances their quality, allows you to create unique profile pictures, age yourself for entertainment, try out new hairstyles, and fully customize your photos with crop and lighting adjustments. Download ToonTap now to unleash your creativity and have tons of fun with your photos.


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  • Best free toon photo editor out there. Most features can be used by watching a ad. Great app!
    2024-06-23 07:23:59
  • Amazingly realistic and very flattering! No annoying ads you are not expecting and freeee!!!! Love this app!!!❤️
    2024-06-22 21:24:29
  • Nice App
    2024-06-22 15:37:43
  • Ads are too much, but the editing software is fabulous. Great and easy to use!
    2024-06-22 00:20:29
  • Nice but it's say after 3-day it will require payment
    2024-06-21 08:01:40
  • Brillaint and simple app very happy with it.
    2024-06-20 18:21:18