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Car Scanner ELM OBD2

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Package ID:com.ovz.carscanner

  • Introduction

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 is the ultimate app for car owners who want to take control of their vehicle's health. No more relying on expensive mechanics or vague warning lights. With this handy tool, you can now diagnose your car's status right from your Android device. From sensor status to detecting errors and even checking your fuel level, Car Scanner ELM OBD2 has got you covered. Simply search for your car make, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth or cable, and unlock a world of features. Get real-time readings of your engine's diagnostics, erase trouble codes, and even monitor live data like speed, RPM, and engine temperature. Stay informed and in control with Car Scanner ELM OBD2 on your Android device.

Features of Car Scanner ELM OBD2:

❤️ Diagnostic capabilities: The app allows users to diagnose their car's status directly on their Android device. It provides a comprehensive range of features to help users understand their car's condition.

❤️ Sensor status: With this app, users can easily find out the status of their car's sensors. This includes information such as engine coolant temperature, engine load, fuel and air pressure, and more.

❤️ Error detection: The app is equipped with the ability to detect errors in the car's system. It can read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to help users identify and fix any issues their car may be facing.

❤️ Fuel level check: The app also provides a convenient feature that allows users to check their car's fuel level. This ensures that they are always aware of how much fuel they have left and can plan accordingly.

❤️ Easy setup: Setting up Car Scanner ELM OBD2 is a seamless process. Users simply need to find their car make from a comprehensive list, connect their phone to the app via Bluetooth or cable, and they're ready to go.

❤️ Real-time data: The app enables users to view live data from their car's Engine Control Unit (ECU). This includes information on speed, RPM, and various other parameters, which allows users to monitor their car's performance in real-time.


Car Scanner ELM OBD2 is a highly useful app for Android users who want to have complete control and knowledge of their car's status. With its comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, error detection, fuel level check, and real-time data access, this app provides an easy and convenient way for car owners to stay informed about their vehicle's condition. Download the app now to enhance your car ownership experience.


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  • Awesome app. Difficult to navigate a first. The first app I would consider actually upgrading and using. Don't waste your time download this app for scanners
    2024-06-23 16:01:03
  • One of the last that do not include in-app purchases. It is fairly priced and does it's job great.
    2024-06-23 13:55:10
  • I paidf pro version but theres something wrong in restore purchase. I need help to fix this. Im already paid and it always says something went wrong
    2024-06-22 05:41:40
  • Works on the free options but not on the paid options keeps saying it's a fake OBD2 module (veepeak mini Bluetooth vp11) brought from Amazon from the vendor store page.
    2024-06-21 03:54:26
  • I love the App but it doesn't readout Trans temp properly for some reason. 2021 Silverado 1500 with LM2. On dash it shows 190 so it is a measured parameter but in app it just shows -40. Tried sending message to developer but it just goes to email app with no to email.
    2024-06-20 20:13:56
  • I tried the free version with my Foseal OBD2 ELM WiFi reader, and it did all I needed to do with my Nissan 370Z. I then upgraded to the full version as the dev deserves it for such a useful app.
    2024-06-20 13:35:40