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  • Introduction

FreeVPN is the ultimate app for protecting your online privacy. Unlike other VPN programs, it is completely free and doesn't require registration. With this app, your personal information is secure as all of your web traffic is encrypted, ensuring anonymity and privacy. But what sets FreeVPN apart is its customization options. You can choose which apps bypass the VPN connection, perfect for banking apps or streaming services. Additionally, this app allows access to restricted websites and media, so you can enjoy your favorite shows from anywhere. With just one swipe, you can connect to the fastest server, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Most importantly, this app has a strict no-user data logs policy, keeping your internet behavior a secret. If privacy is a top concern, FreeVPN is the app for you.

Features of FreeVPN:

⭐️ Enhanced Security: The app ensures the encryption of your web traffic, protecting your anonymity and privacy from prying eyes. You can surf the web without worrying about being monitored or hacked.

⭐️ Customizable Experience: The Filter Apps option allows you to tailor your online experience by choosing which applications bypass the VPN connection. This is particularly useful for banking apps or streaming services that don't work well with VPNs. FreeVPN also offers ad-blocking and accelerated features.

⭐️ Overcome Restrictions: The app allows you to access websites, apps, and media that are restricted in your region. You can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube from anywhere and use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Roblox, and even TikTok.

⭐️ Easy Connection: With just one swipe, you can connect to the fastest server and enjoy a secure internet connection. The app simplifies the process, making it ideal for those who don't want to spend time configuring their VPN connection.

⭐️ No-User Data Logs Policy: The app does not keep any logs of user activity, ensuring that your internet behavior remains confidential. Your information will not be sold or disclosed to anyone. This feature is crucial for individuals who prioritize their privacy online.

⭐️ Free, Registration-Free, and Limitless: The app is completely free, doesn't require registration, and provides limitless VPN minutes.


FreeVPN is an exceptional option for protecting your online privacy. It offers enhanced security through encrypted web traffic, customization options for a personalized experience, the ability to overcome regional restrictions, easy connection to the fastest server, a strict no-user data logs policy, and all of this comes for free without any registration. Download now and enjoy a secure and unrestricted online experience.


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  • 30 min of extreme slow VPN equal 4 ads ! One days is 12 ads and it's extremely slow ,I wouldn't say it connect at all , well here you go , one of theany worst additions to the app store . Useless bait
    2024-06-23 19:40:37
  • Good but....I wanted to not pay the 15.99 and so I wanted a refund and google wouldn't do it. So I tried contacting the place myself. .... well for one the number Google has is not right. Idk what I called but it sounded like they get alot of calls for them. And the only other way to contact is email.
    2024-06-22 05:22:25
  • It's the most reliable free VPN I've found. You need to watch adverts to accumulate time but ok for me to get it free. Otherwise you can pay for no ads.
    2024-06-22 03:41:41
  • Rly bad, no support and doesn't work even with premium. They're also scammers because I got charged for the month 21.99 and now it'd saying renew your subscription after 13 days!!!
    2024-06-21 18:58:46
  • Used to be a really good app. Ads barely even load anymore, takes an age to get your free vpn time and when you do, servers hardly ever work. Save yourself the hassle and find another source. Sadly, this one is dusted Update: Tried changing IP as told by devs. Still terrible. Still 1 star
    2024-06-20 18:08:00
  • I watched 9 adverts to get some free time, but there is no vpn connection, no little key at top of screen. Did an ip check and nothing has changed. Does this apl actually work?
    2024-06-19 15:11:09