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  • Introduction

Introducing the CityFit app, the ultimate companion for fitness enthusiasts. With this app, members of the CityFit fitness club network can conveniently manage their membership, sign up for fitness classes and personal training sessions, and even purchase additional products like medical packages and charity contributions. The app also features a loyalty program called FitFighters, which allows members to earn CityFitCoins by participating in sports challenges. These coins can then be used for discounts on club membership. The app even assigns users levels based on their fitness attributes, such as strength, morale, endurance, and speed, with each level named after an animal. Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level with the CityFit app!

Features of CityFit:

* Convenient and Fast Class Registration: Users can easily sign up for fitness classes through the app. No more waiting in line or making phone calls.

* Easy Management of Membership: The app allows users to manage their membership status hassle-free. Renewing or upgrading memberships can be done with just a few taps.

* Booking Personal Training Sessions: Users can reserve personal training sessions with qualified trainers right from their smartphones. This feature ensures that users receive personalized guidance and support during their workouts.

* Loyalty Program with Rewards: The app introduces a loyalty program called FitFighters. By participating in sports challenges, users can earn CityFitCoins, which can be used for discounts on club memberships. Users can also gain points in various attributes such as strength, morale, endurance, and speed, unlocking new training levels.

* Additional Product Purchases: Through the app, users can purchase additional products such as medical packages from Medicover or contribute to charitable causes. This feature allows users to conveniently access and support various offerings related to their fitness journey.

* Downloadable Training Plans and Diets: Users can easily download training plans and diet recommendations, making it simple to follow a structured fitness program and achieve desired results.


CityFit app offers a range of features that cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts. From easy class registration and membership management to personalized training sessions and loyalty rewards, this app provides convenience and motivation for users to achieve their fitness goals. With the added ability to purchase additional products and access training plans and diets, users can easily integrate their fitness journey into their daily lives. Click now to download and start your fitness journey with CityFit!


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