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Archimede Alunni

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Package ID:it.codebase.archimede.mobile

  • Introduction

Are you a parent whose child's school uses the Archimede register, and you want to stay up-to-date with their academic activities? Look no further! Introducing Archimede Alunni, the app that allows you to actively participate in your child's educational journey by receiving real-time notifications on your smartphone. Stay informed about their absences, delays, and permissions, as well as important information like communications, disciplinary notes, and grades. Rest assured, all the information provided is authorized by the school for disclosure. Install this app now and become an engaged and well-informed parent!

Features of Archimede Alunni:

❤️ Stay informed in real-time: Get timely notifications on your smartphone about your child's school activities, ranging from absences to disciplinary notes and grades.

❤️ Easy access to information: Have all the authorized information about your child's education readily available in one place.

❤️ Connected with the school: Stay connected with the school and be a part of your child's educational journey.

❤️ Instant notifications: Receive instant notifications about your child's absences, delays, permissions, communications, disciplinary notes, and grades.

❤️ Track progress: Keep track of your child's progress by staying up to date with their school activities.

❤️ Streamlined communication: Communicate with the school efficiently by using this app, ensuring better collaboration and understanding between parents and the school administration.


Download Archimede Alunni app to easily stay informed and connected with your child's school activities. With real-time notifications and access to authorized information, you can track their progress and communicate efficiently with the school. Don't miss out on being an active participant in your child's educational journey!


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