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  • Introduction

Introducing NN Direct, our convenient app that brings NN's insurance and pensions services straight to your smartphone. Seamlessly manage your insurance premiums or optional pension contributions securely with any bank card. Save your card details for future transactions and easily invest in fund units with a few taps. Update personal information by scanning your ID card, view payment history, and track claims status through NN Direct’s dedicated menu. Activate your account remotely and choose from authentication options like email, password, facial recognition, or fingerprint. Enjoy enhanced functionalities and clear information by updating or downloading the latest version today. Your feedback helps us continually enhance your app experience.

Features of NN Direct:

* Pay insurance premiums and pension contributions quickly and securely using any bank card.

* Save card details to facilitate future payments.

* Easily perform investment transactions with unit funds.

* Access a history of paid insurance premiums and pension contributions.

* Update personal and contact information by scanning your ID card.

* Submit all details related to an insured event through the dedicated menu and track the status of your request.


NN Direct App offers a convenient and secure way to manage insurance and pension-related tasks. Users can make fast and safe payments, invest in unit funds, and easily update their personal information. The app also provides access to payment history and allows users to submit details for insurance claims. With an intuitive interface and continuous improvements, the app ensures a user-friendly experience. Download the app now to explore its latest features and stay informed! Leave a review to help us enhance your experience further.


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