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Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants APK

Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants

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Package ID:com.LumiInteractive.KinderWorldGreen

  • Introduction

Kinder World is a unique app designed to enhance emotional wellbeing and build resilience. By taking care of virtual houseplants in a judgment-free environment, users can engage in scientifically-backed activities for just a few minutes each day. Through tactile gameplay, Kinder World helps users explore and name their emotions, transforming them into something beautiful and meaningful. The app also features short daily activities inspired by arts and crafts, as well as compelling stories about its characters and setting. With a judgment-free ethos, Kinder World supports individual journeys of emotional wellness and mental health. Join the welcoming community on this comforting journey towards enhanced emotional intelligence.

Features of Kinder World: Wellbeing Plants:

- Emotional Wellbeing Exercises: Engage in short sessions to acknowledge and accept your emotions, tailored to your journey and supported by professionals.

- Grow Ever-Changing Houseplants: Nurture and care for virtual plants while building healthy habits. Unlock new plants as you progress and don't worry about missing a session.

- Express Yourself Creatively: Transform your emotions into beautiful sand jars through arts & crafts-inspired activities. Customize your digital home with cozy decorations.

- Meet Creatures on Mindfulness Journeys: Interact with adorable animal friends who will accompany you on your well-being journey. Receive uplifting letters and support from them.

- A Kinder Community: Receive messages and surprises from real community members. Brighten someone's day by sending them plant pots as gifts.

- Research-Based Wellness: The app incorporates scientific research and mindfulness principles to promote empathy and well-being.


Kinder World is an emotional well-being app that offers a judgment-free environment for users to explore their emotions and build resilience. Through short and scientifically-backed exercises, users can effectively manage their emotions and develop emotional intelligence. By nurturing virtual houseplants, expressing creativity, and connecting with friendly NPCs and a supportive community, users can enhance their emotional well-being and receive uplifting messages and gifts. The app's research-based approach ensures a meaningful and measurable impact on users' well-being. Join the Kinder World community and embark on a comforting journey towards enhanced emotional intelligence. Click here to download the app and start your well-being journey today.


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  • Very cute and loving the cozy vibes
    2024-06-23 06:47:34
  • Beautiful. Got it initially to track my emotions, but now I'm involved in every aspect of this game because it's been so beneficial for my wellbeing.
    2024-06-22 16:46:47
  • I cried playing this, not sad tears, happy tears, this game has helped me to understand my emotions and to accept myself for who I am, thank you.
    2024-06-22 06:48:26
  • So far really good! I love the art style,but I would appreciate it if the Devs added a coloured sand for tiredness. ❤️
    2024-06-22 02:17:23
  • The game is really cute and it helps me to get trough some days
    2024-06-21 15:36:21
  • Great for people who have anxiety
    2024-06-21 06:31:48