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Creditea | Card and App

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Package ID:com.ipfdigital.creditea.fi.mw

  • Introduction

Introducing Creditea | Card and App, the ultimate financial tool that empowers you with complete control over your finances. Open an account, order a sleek, transparent card, and customize your credit usage—all through Creditea. Immediately utilize a digital card while we ship your physical one; pay online, tap at stores, or withdraw from ATMs hassle-free. Enjoy a single, inclusive monthly fee with no hidden charges. Access your credit line 24/7 for payments, transfers, or withdrawals to any bank account. Our intuitive app offers FaceID or TouchID for secure access and real-time transaction updates, making financial management effortless. Start your journey with Creditea today!

Features of Creditea | Card and App:

❤️ Beautiful, Transparent Card: The app offers a visually appealing and transparent card design that enhances your payment experience.

❤️ Instant Digital Access: While waiting for the physical card to arrive, you can start using a digital copy of it immediately for online purchases or contactless payments at physical stores.

❤️ Convenience and Flexibility: You can pay online, make contactless payments, or withdraw cash from ATMs using your Creditea card. It offers a versatile range of options to suit your needs.

❤️ All-inclusive Monthly Fee: After trying it for free, you pay one all-inclusive monthly fee for all transactions. This simplifies your payment process and eliminates the hassle of multiple charges.

❤️ Seamless Credit Line Access: You can easily access your existing or future credit line opened with Creditea, subject to a creditworthiness assessment. This provides you with financial flexibility and convenience.

❤️ Simple and User-Friendly Interface: The app ensures a seamless user experience by providing a simple and easy-to-use interface. It offers an overview of your transactions on the main screen and sends notifications to keep you updated.


Download the Creditea | Card and App app now to enjoy a range of features that make managing your money effortless and convenient. With a beautiful card design, instant digital access, and flexible payment options, it caters to your diverse needs. The all-inclusive monthly fee simplifies payments, while seamless credit line access provides financial flexibility. Experience a user-friendly interface that keeps you informed about your transactions. Start your journey with the app today and enjoy effortless financial management.


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