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  • Introduction

Introducing OUIGO, the ultimate travel app for affordable train tickets in France. With over 50 destinations available, this app offers a 100% online booking experience that is quick and easy. Say goodbye to expensive train fares, as you can now travel for as low as €10 to €19, depending on your departure station. Plus, for children under 12, prices stay fixed at just €5 for classic trains and €8 for high-speed trains. With the new OUIGO Plus offer, you can enjoy an all-inclusive experience for only €9, including seat selection, extra luggage, and exclusive services. Book your tickets, customize your journey, and have your e-ticket ready on the mobile app. Welcome on board to an affordable and convenient way to explore France. Stay connected with us on social media for more updates.

Features of OUIGO:

- Booking trains at affordable prices: The app allows users to book train tickets at prices as low as 10€ to 19€, depending on the departure station.

- Special prices for children: Children under 12 always have a fixed price of 5€ for Classic Train and 8€ for High-Speed Train.

- Simplified reservation process: The app offers a simplified reservation process through the OUIGO customer account, which includes useful features like favorite journeys, travel companions, easy payment, and vouchers.

- New all-inclusive offer: The app is a new all-inclusive option that includes all OUIGO features for only 9€. This offer allows users to choose their seat type, add extra baggage, and enjoy OUIFI and OUIFUN services.

- Customize your journey: Users can select their preferred seat type (standard, with a power outlet, or solo) for an additional fee. They can also add an XL or extra baggage for an extra 5€.

- Wide selection of destinations: The app allows users to explore various destinations across France, including major cities like Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille, and Strasbourg, among others.


OUIGO App offers a convenient and cost-effective way to book train tickets in France. With its affordable prices, simplified reservation process, and additional options for customization, users can easily plan their journeys to their dream destinations. The app provides a wide range of destinations, allowing users to explore different parts of France comfortably and affordably. Download the app now to enjoy a seamless and enjoyable travel experience with this app.


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