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  • Introduction

Bubaa is born from a passion for children and our environment. As parents ourselves, we understand the needs of every stage of childhood and the challenges of gathering essentials economically. Bubaa simplifies this journey, offering a wide selection of second-hand items at attractive prices, promoting a sustainable, less consumeristic lifestyle. By reusing resources, we contribute to a zero-waste ideology. Save money by purchasing gently used items, earn from items your child outgrows, and protect the environment by giving products a second life. Experience simplicity with clear navigation, no selling fees, and unique finds from global and local sources.

Features of Bubaa:

⭐️ Cost-saving: By purchasing used items in good condition, users can save money compared to buying new items in stores.

⭐️ Earning opportunity: Users can sell their children's clothing and other items that they no longer need, allowing them to earn some extra money.

⭐️ Environmental protection: By buying and selling second-hand items, users are contributing to the idea of zero waste, promoting a less consumption-oriented lifestyle.

⭐️ Convenience: Instead of visiting multiple physical stores or browsing through numerous online websites, users can find everything they need in one place on the app.

⭐️ Comprehensive categories and filters: The app offers a wide range of categories and filters, ensuring that users can easily find exactly what they are looking for.

⭐️ Unique products: Users can discover unique items that have been purchased from foreign stores or local boutiques, making it possible to find special treasures that are not commonly found in mainstream retailers.


Bubaa app is a user-friendly platform that prioritizes cost-saving, convenience, and environmental sustainability. With its comprehensive categories, easy navigation, and the option to propose a different price, users can find what they need, save money, and contribute to protecting the environment. Additionally, the app offers unique products that are not typically available in popular retail stores. With features such as account statistics, a recommendation system, and transparent pricing information, Bubaa aims to provide a trustworthy and enjoyable experience for its users.


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