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Package ID:com.berglundlabs.bdbdroid

  • Introduction

Capture and cherish each moment of your life with the incredible Dayviews app. This user-friendly platform allows you to document your days through stunning photos, ensuring that no memory is ever forgotten. If you encounter any issues with the app after updating, simply uninstall and reinstall it for a smooth experience. And don't forget - if you stumble upon a pesky bug, head over to the user Dayviews Android on Dayviews and let them know. With this app, you can effortlessly keep up with your friends' latest uploads and even share your own captivating images. Get ready to embrace every adventure life throws your way! Please note that this app optimally operates with a reliable wireless network and a fast phone.

Features of Dayviews:

- Photo documentation: The app allows you to capture and document your daily moments through photos.

- Bug reporting and support: If you encounter any issues or bugs, you can easily report them by visiting the user DayviewsAndroid on Dayviews and posting a comment.

- Social interaction: Stay connected with your friends on Dayviews by being the first to comment on their newly uploaded images.

- Location-based image display: The app requires location permission to show you images that are close to your current location.

- Access to more information: Follow the user "DayviewsAndroid" on Dayviews to get updates and additional information.

- Optimal performance: For the best experience, the app is recommended to be used with a fast phone and a wireless network connection.


Dayviews for Android is a user-friendly app that allows you to easily document and remember your daily moments through photos. It offers bug reporting and support, enables social interaction with friends, displays location-based images, provides access to more information, and ensures optimal performance. Don't miss out on capturing and sharing your special moments - download now.


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