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Package ID:com.leagueapps.mobile.client

  • Introduction

LeagueApps Play is a game-changing team management and communication app that provides a seamless sports experience for everyone involved. Completely free and ad-free, this app is a game-changer for players, parents, coaches, and staff. By simply signing in with your LeagueApps registered email and password, you can access all the features the app has to offer. Coaches can effortlessly manage their teams, communicate important information, and track attendance. Players and parents can view schedules, RSVP for events, and never miss a beat with real-time notifications. With LeagueApps Play, managing and participating in sports has never been easier!

Features of LeagueApps Play:

❤️ Free and ad-free: The app is completely free to download for players, parents, coaches, and staff members. It also ensures an ad-free experience, eliminating any distractions.

❤️ Team and tournament support: Users need to be registered to a team or tournament supported by LeagueApps to utilize the app's features. It allows users to view schedules, RSVP, send communications, and more.

❤️ Convenient syncing: The app automatically syncs schedules, rosters, tournament brackets, and more directly from LeagueApps. This eliminates the need for double data entry or extra maintenance.

❤️ Improved communication: Coaches and staff members can use the app to communicate important coach notes, which are sent as emails and push notifications. It also allows for real-time chat messages and provides instant notifications, ensuring that users stay updated.

❤️ Enhanced management: The app helps coaches and staff members better manage their teams, games, and events. They can create and manage games and events, track attendance, enter game scores, and view roster and player details.

❤️ Comprehensive features for users: Players, parents, coaches, and staff members can view team schedules for all family members, RSVP for games and tournaments, reply to coach notes, register for open programs, manage account settings and payments, access team rosters and contact information, and view tournament brackets, league standings, and scores.


LeagueApps Play is a highly convenient and user-friendly app for team management and communication. Offering free and ad-free usage, it provides a seamless experience for players, parents, coaches, and staff members. The app's features, including convenient syncing, enhanced communication, and comprehensive management tools, make it an essential tool for organizing and participating in sports teams and tournaments. Download the app now to streamline your sports experience!


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  • Truly awful and buggy app. It crashes every month and I have to uninstall. Even when it loads the UI is awful. Our club is leaving after this spring I can't wait.
    2024-06-21 11:03:15
  • Glitches. Constant errors.
    2024-06-21 09:27:38
  • Really poor operation, I have changed my password several times and I still can't get into it. SMH
    2024-06-20 09:54:21
  • Constantly erroring out and needs reinstalled to work properly. I am currently reinstalling the 5th time this year
    2024-06-19 02:29:03
  • Constant errors. App doesn't work and have to reinstall. Will be finding another application to serve our organization.
    2024-06-19 01:33:05
  • This app stinks. There is no option for Win or Loss, and it CONSTANTLY malfunctions. Hope our team doesn't use it next year.
    2024-06-18 11:58:30