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Quick VPN - Free Proxy Server APK

Quick VPN - Free Proxy Server

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Package ID:com.gametown.voicetranslaor

Developer:Game Town

  • Introduction

Introducing Quick VPN - Free Proxy Server! This amazing app is here to revolutionize your internet experience. By encrypting your internet connection, Quick VPN ensures that your online activity remains private and secure. Whether you're using public Wi-Fi or browsing at home, this app has got your back. With a global network of servers, you can easily switch between locations with just a click. And the best part? It's lightning-fast and requires no configuration. Just click one button and you're good to go! Say goodbye to online snoopers and hello to a safer and more private internet with Quick VPN. Download it now and experience the difference!

Features of Quick VPN - Free Proxy Server:

- Encrypts Internet Connection: Quick VPN - Free VPN Proxy Server encrypts your Internet connection, ensuring that third parties cannot track your online activity. This feature enhances your internet safety and security, particularly when using public free Wi-Fi.

- Global VPN Network: The app has built a global VPN network that includes America, Europe, and Asia, with plans to expand to more countries soon. Most servers are free to use, allowing you to change servers easily by clicking the flag.

- Lightning-fast Speed: Quick VPN - Free Proxy Server is a lightning-fast app that provides free VPN service. With just one simple click, you can access the internet securely and anonymously without the need for any complex configuration.

- Increased Privacy and Security: While VPNs cannot guarantee complete anonymity, they usually enhance privacy and security. VPNs typically use tunneling protocols and encryption techniques to authenticate remote access and prevent the disclosure of private information.

- Replacement of Internet Connection: WARP, a feature of the app, replaces the connection between your phone and the internet with a modern, optimized protocol. This enhancement ensures a better way to connect and improves overall internet performance.

- Enhanced Privacy and Security Measures: WARP not only encrypts more of the traffic leaving your phone, but it also protects your phone from security threats such as malware, phishing, crypto mining, and other potential risks. The app also offers an option for enabling for Families, further enhancing security.


Download Quick VPN - Free Proxy Server today to enjoy a more secure, private, and fast internet experience. Encrypt your internet connection, access global servers, and enhance your online privacy and security effortlessly. With its simple one-touch setup and lightweight design, it is the ideal choice for all Android users. Don't compromise on your internet safety and security - download the app now and experience the benefits for yourself.


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