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US VPN - Plugin for OpenVPN APK

US VPN - Plugin for OpenVPN

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Package ID:com.lwfd.usvpn


  • Introduction

US VPN - Plugin for OpenVPN is a convenient app that works alongside the OpenVPN For Android client to provide you with a seamless and secure virtual private network (VPN) experience. While this app is not developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc., it is highly recommended to install the official OpenVPN For Android client for optimal performance. To use this plugin, simply install both this app and OpenVPN For Android, refresh the VPN server IP, and click the play button to connect to the server. Though some servers may not be completely stable, this free app offers a reliable and accessible VPN solution.

Features of US VPN - Plugin for OpenVPN:

> Plugin for OpenVPN: This app works as a plugin for OpenVPN and cannot function independently. It enhances the functionality of the OpenVPN app.

> Seamless Integration: It seamlessly integrates with the official OpenVPN client, "OpenVPN For Android."

> Easy Setup: The app provides a simple process to import VPN profiles and connect to VPN servers through "OpenVPN For Android."

> Convenient Refresh Button: With the click of a button, users can refresh and view new VPN server IPs.

> Reliable Connection: The app ensures that users can establish a successful connection to a VPN server, provided a free server is available and not busy.

> Troubleshooting Assistance: The app addresses common problems such as software conflicts and server instability, providing guidance to resolve issues.


This US VPN - Plugin for OpenVPN app serves as a valuable extension to the OpenVPN client, allowing seamless integration and enhancing the overall VPN experience. It simplifies the setup process, enables easy access to new VPN server IPs, and helps troubleshoot common issues. Download now to enjoy secure and seamless browsing.


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