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Photo & Video Locker - Gallery

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Package ID:inno.gallerylocker

  • Introduction

Introducing Gallery, the ultimate app for securing your photo and video library. We understand that safety is paramount when it comes to preserving your precious memories. That's why Gallery offers quick and easy security settings to create a protective layer for your images. With options like password lock, fingerprint lock, or pattern lock, you can rest assured that only authorized users can access your photos. Our advanced system also allows you to connect external devices for easy photo transfers. Plus, our intuitive interface and powerful features make managing and organizing your image collection a breeze. Experience the peace of mind and convenience Gallery provides as you protect and enjoy your memories like never before.

Features of Photo & Video Locker - Gallery:

* Privacy settings: The app allows users to easily implement a privacy plan for their photos and videos, ensuring they are protected from unauthorized access.

* External device connections: Users can connect external devices to easily transfer photos and videos, making it convenient to back up and secure their media.

* Alerts for unusual activity: The app sends notifications to users regarding any unusual login attempts or strange connection sources, providing an extra layer of security.

* Multiple security options: Users can choose from different types of security options, such as password lock, fingerprint lock, or pattern lock, ensuring their photos and videos are safeguarded.

* Easy management of photo collections: The app allows users to easily manage their photo collections, with features like selecting multiple images at once, rearranging images in date order, and automatically logging out of the library when the device is in sleep mode.

* Customizable interface and sharing options: Users can personalize the gallery interface to suit their preferences and easily share selected images on their favorite social networking sites.


"Gallery" offers a comprehensive solution for users to protect their photos and videos. With its easy-to-use privacy settings, external device connections, and alerts for unusual activity, users can have peace of mind knowing their media is secure. The app also provides various security options, an intuitive interface for easy management, and sharing capabilities across social networking platforms. Click download now to experience the complete photo gallery security solution.


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