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Followers & Unfollowers APK

Followers & Unfollowers

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Package ID:com.insta.follower

Developer:Smart Tech1

  • Introduction

Introducing Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram, a powerful follower analytics app that helps you manage and track your Instagram profile with ease. Have you ever wondered who unfollowed you or want to clean up your following list? With this app, you can easily keep track of your followers, get notified about new followers and unfollowers, and even see who doesn't follow you back. The app allows you to unfollow unlimitedly and supports adding multiple accounts for analysis. Download Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram now, available for free on Google Play Store, and take control of your Instagram growth!

Features of Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram:

- Follower management: Easily manage and track your followers on Instagram.

- Unfollower tracking: Receive notifications when someone unfollows or blocks you on Instagram.

- Unfollow unlimitedly: Unfollow multiple people at once, making your Instagram management more efficient.

- Mutual followers: Identify people who follow you back on Instagram.

- Activity insights: View interactions between you and your followers.

- Multiple account support: Switch between different Instagram accounts and analyze them.


Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram is a powerful follower analytics app that provides essential features for managing and tracking your Instagram followers. With this app, you can easily identify unfollowers, find mutual followers, and analyze interactions with your followers. The ability to unfollow multiple users at once and support for multiple accounts make it a convenient tool for effective Instagram management. Download Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram now to simplify your follower tracking and grow your Instagram presence!


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  • Won't even connect to Instagram & open App so pointless for me too! Maybe it's not compatible with android or something, I dunno. Downloaded it a few different times now to try, same result!
    2024-06-19 20:48:36
  • Wouldn't recommend, everytime I refreshed this app to see the unfollowers all of a sudden on my Instagram I'm following all these random accounts I didn't chose to follow!! The first time it happened I thought my account got hacked but then it happened again right after using this app.
    2024-06-19 01:07:20
  • After login in to this account I have lost access to my IG, and I've the message that it can't find my account. Update - after reinstaling IG I have gained the access ones again.
    2024-06-18 19:17:46
  • Expensive rent only option for more than I pay for a A+ rated game on steam which I then own for life. No option to just buy the software or put up with constant adverts. Uninstalled.
    2024-06-18 17:54:04
  • Took my money. I canceled the subscription 20 minutes after I paid and it removed my access that I paid for when I still had 3 days left on the trial. It gives constant error message.
    2024-06-18 08:21:33
  • I thought it was a good tool until I logged in and then got a notification from instagram a couple of hours after that it said someone was trying to log into my account from Russia. When I changed my password & opened the app it requested for my login details again
    2024-06-16 10:14:02