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Dungeons & Lasers Builder APK

Dungeons & Lasers Builder

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Package ID:com.MattRoseProductions.DungeonsandLasersBuilder


  • Introduction

Introducing Dungeons & Lasers Builder - your ultimate tool for testing builds in the popular Dungeons & Lasers tabletop system by Archon Studios. This fan-made app allows you to easily place and rotate pieces with just a few simple clicks. Navigate your creation using arrow keys and zoom in or out with the mouse wheel. Want to make changes? Simply delete pieces with a quick click on the toolbar. Download now and unleash your creativity in the Dungeons & Lasers universe!

Features of Dungeons & Lasers Builder App:

- Easy Placement: With just a left click, you can effortlessly place pieces on the Dungeons & Lasers tabletop. Building and designing has never been this simple!

- Smooth Rotation: Right-clicking allows you to rotate the pieces to create the perfect layout for your tabletop adventure. Find the optimal angles and alignments in a breeze!

- Convenient Camera Control: Navigate your virtual tabletop easily using the arrow keys. Capture every detail and explore every corner with the utmost precision.

- Seamless Zooming: Zoom in and out using your mouse wheel to get a closer look at your masterpiece. Delve into the intricate details or gain a broader view with just a scroll.

- Effortless Deletion: If you need to tweak your design or start fresh, simply click the hammer icon on the toolbar. Deleting placed pieces is as easy as a single click, allowing you to refine your tabletop layout effortlessly.

- Intuitive Build Mode: Switch between build and delete modes with ease. By clicking on the hammer once again, you can seamlessly return to build mode and continue creating your perfect tabletop environment.


Dungeons & Lasers Builder app provides a user-friendly experience for all Dungeons & Lasers enthusiasts. With its easy piece placement, smooth rotation, seamless camera control, versatile zooming, effortless deletion, and intuitive build mode, it's a must-have tool for building and testing your own tabletop designs. Get ready to bring your imagination to life by downloading this app now!


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  • Powerful tool for making maps, and encounters before making them. Seems to work best with a big screen honestly like a chromebook, or a tablet. But honestly this could be a big game changer for many GMs that want to pre build a map. And give you a nice over view of things!! Ss more tools come along it will be interesting to see! Well done indeed, well done!!!
    2024-06-18 20:21:26
  • Really handy app for planning your encounters
    2024-06-17 09:27:18
  • Exellent app. I hope to see more developement now that many of us have gotten our pieces. Thank you so much for this.
    2024-06-16 12:51:45
  • Fantastic app. Now I can see how much more money I need to spend on bits!
    2024-06-16 05:42:54
  • Right now my only complaint is I can't seem to get it to work anymore. It was working fine on Friday 7/2 but now it's not. I choose the set and the door appears but I can't do anything with it. I can change the item (i.e. door, floor tile, etc) but I can't move it, set it down, or change the orientation. Any help would be appreciated. It's a re
    2024-06-14 07:50:51