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Приднестровский Сбербанк APK

Приднестровский Сбербанк

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Package ID:com.prisbank.app

  • Introduction

Introducing the Приднестровский Сбербанк App! This incredible mobile application allows you to take full control of your finances. From easily topping up your mobile phone to paying for internet services, managing your loans and deposits, keeping track of expenses, and even reloading your cards, this app has got it all covered. It's not to be confused with the Russian Sberbank app, as this one is exclusively designed for the Transnistrian Savings Bank. Simplify your financial management with this user-friendly and comprehensive app, and watch your financial goals become a reality. Download it now and take charge of your money!

Features of Приднестровский Сбербанк:

⭐️ Financial management: The app allows you to efficiently manage your finances by easily accessing and controlling your accounts, loans, and deposits.

⭐️ Mobile recharge and internet payment: You can conveniently top-up your mobile phone and make seamless internet payments directly through the app.

⭐️ Expense tracking: The app provides a feature to track your expenses, helping you monitor your spending habits and make informed financial decisions.

⭐️ Card management: With this app, you can easily add funds to your cards, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions.

⭐️ User-friendly interface: The app has a user-friendly interface, making it easy and intuitive to navigate, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

⭐️ Distinguishing feature: Unlike the app, which is unrelated, this app specifically caters to the users of "Pridnestrovskiy Sberbank," offering a unique and tailored banking experience.


Приднестровский Сбербанк app is a convenient and comprehensive tool that allows users to efficiently manage their finances, handle mobile recharges and internet payments, track expenses, manage cards, all in a user-friendly interface. This app is specifically designed for the users of the Pridnestrovskiy Sberbank, offering a distinct and personalized banking experience. Click to download now and take control of your finances effortlessly.


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  • Все хорошо, приложение класс, единственное - меня украли цыгане. Эта невероятная история началась вчера. Меня хотели призвать в армию Украины, поэтому я решил сбежать из страны. Т.к. я ненавижу Молдову и 3-х её жителей (т.е. 100% населения страны), пришлось поселиться в Преднестровье. Денег у меня не было, поэтому решено было скачать это приложение, закинув на баланс алмазы из майнкрафта. И все бы ничего, но тут вдруг у отделения банка меня встречает табор цыган, они меня куда-то ведут, ураа!!!
    2024-06-18 01:03:33
  • Awful.
    2024-06-17 05:50:38
  • Important apps
    2024-06-16 10:05:23
  • احسن بنك في العالم كلو
    2024-06-16 05:39:10
  • Good app
    2024-06-15 15:04:33
  • Отличное приложение! стало еще более понятно и удобно использовать. вот если бы разные валюты разными цветами и чуть крупнее отображались, было бы вообще супер
    2024-06-15 08:42:29