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Kaamera tõlkija (Camera Translator) APK

Kaamera tõlkija (Camera Translator)

Rating: 4.5







Package ID:com.aviapp.utranslate

  • Introduction

Kaamera tõlkija (Camera Translator) is an incredibly useful app that allows you to translate videos and photos into different languages quickly and accurately. With its smart image translator feature, you can easily snap a picture of any text or message and have it translated in seconds. The app supports over 100 different languages, making it perfect for handling even the most obscure ones. It doesn't stop there - The app is also a fantastic tool for language learning, as it can translate foreign language videos into your desired language, helping you improve your communication skills. And the best part? You can even use the app offline, making it perfect for situations when you can't access the internet. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive translation history, the app is the ultimate language companion. Don't miss out on this incredible app, available exclusively for Android devices.

Features of Kaamera tõlkija (Camera Translator):

- Smart Images Translator: The app allows users to intelligently translate images by simply taking a picture and scanning it. It can handle any language that is difficult to understand.

- Simple and Fast Video Translator: With the app, users can easily change videos in a foreign language to the language they want to learn. It helps improve communication skills and pronunciation for better language learning.

- Offline Translation: The app can be used without an internet connection, making it convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere. It is regularly updated to provide more complete and up-to-date translations.

- Translation History and Search: The app keeps a full record of all translations, saving time and allowing for quick searches. It provides a specific and accurate search feature, making it easier to find previously translated words or phrases.

- Easy to Understand and Use: The user interface of the app is designed to be intuitive, with a soothing color scheme and brand-new functions that make the translation process faster. It is user-friendly and can be used by anyone, even those who have never used a translation app before.

- Multiple Language Options: The app offers a wide range of language options with over 100 different languages to choose from. This makes it suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn and translate various languages.


Kaamera tõlkija (Camera Translator) is a comprehensive and user-friendly app that allows users to translate images and videos accurately and quickly. With its smart features, offline translation capability, and intuitive user interface, this app is a valuable tool for language learning and effective communication. Don't miss out on this useful app that can assist you at work or school. Download now and start exploring its numerous user-friendly translation options.


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  • Exceptionally useful for quick and dirty translations.
    2024-06-17 19:54:00
  • What a pile of rubbish forced to watch a 30 second advert to access camera translator. Promptly deleted the app
    2024-06-17 19:16:51
  • This app is good but,when i try to translate english to sinhala this app showed wrong words and spellings.the photo and object translaters are worst
    2024-06-16 19:34:40
  • Horrible! To many ads
    2024-06-16 09:24:14
  • This is useless. This will remind you to pay to use.
    2024-06-15 18:14:30
  • Crashed the first time I tried it, then wouldn't even load after a restart.
    2024-06-15 07:54:38