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Moon Truyen Lite

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Package ID:com.moontruyen.lite

Developer:OneTime Tech

  • Introduction

Introducing Moon Truyen Lite, your ultimate comic reading app with a diverse collection of copyright novels. This app is a treasure trove of daily updated chapters, allowing you to be spoiled for choice in selecting your favorite categories. With a refreshed content warehouse and thousands of constantly updated copyright stories, Moon Truyen Lite ensures you never run out of captivating content. Experience an excellent app interface with offline reading capabilities, automatic saving of read history, and easy story tracking. Search for your favorite stories, download them for offline reading, and receive notifications for new chapters all in one click. Discover a new world of comics and novels today by downloading this app!

Features of Moon Truyen Lite App:

- Diverse Content: It offers a wide range of comic and novel genres to choose from, ensuring that users will find their favorite categories easily.

- Continuous Updates: The app provides new chapters every day, keeping users engaged and ensuring they never run out of content to read.

- Content Refresh: The app's content warehouse is refreshed daily, guaranteeing that users will always have access to thousands of copyright stories that are regularly updated.

- Monthly Storms: Moon Truyen Lite organizes monthly storms featuring the most viewed and favorite series of stories, allowing users to discover new and popular content easily.

- Excellent App Experience: The app offers an easy-to-use interface and allows offline reading, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite stories wherever they are.

- Community System: Each series of stories and feature types have dedicated communities within the app, enabling users to interact, exchange, and share interesting moments during their reading journey.


Discover a world of captivating stories with Moon Truyen Lite App. With its diverse content, continuous updates, and refreshed content warehouse, you'll never be bored. Experience an excellent app with a user-friendly interface and enjoy offline reading anytime, anywhere. Join vibrant communities to connect with fellow readers and share in the excitement. Don't miss out on this incredible reading experience – download the app now and start exploring!


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