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Package ID:net.humans.fintech_uz

Developer:Humans License PTE. LTD.

  • Introduction

Introducing the HUMANS.uz app, the all-in-one solution for modern living in Uzbekistan. Stay connected and never get lost with our easy-to-use mobile services, internet access, messengers, money transfers, and more. With this app, you can help and communicate with your loved ones wherever you are. Plus, we offer amazing features like free mobile services, zero fees for money transfers, transparent service plans, and even a free HUMANS Visa bank card with cashback on all purchases. Experience the power of staying aloqada withthis app. Download now and start enjoying the convenience and warmth of modern services.

Features of HUMANS.uz:

- All-in-One Services: The app combines various essential services including mobile services, internet, messengers, money transfers, payments, and bank cards. It provides a convenient and centralized platform for all your communication and financial needs.

- "Super Zero" Plan: The app offers a free mobile service plan with no monthly fee. This plan includes 20 minutes of calls to HUMANS numbers and 33 MB for Telegram every day, allowing you to stay connected without extra charges.

- Free Money Transfers: The app allows free money transfers between any cards in Uzbekistan, even UZCARD-UZCARD. This feature enables you to support your loved ones in times of need without any additional charges.

- Access to Other Payment and Banking Apps: The app provides free access, without consuming your data, to not only its own app but also other payment and banking apps. This ensures convenient and seamless access to a wide range of financial services.

- Transparent Service Plan Calculator: The app includes a service plan calculator that allows you to customize your communication needs. You can choose from free mobile services to unlimited options, giving you the flexibility and control to pay for only what you require.

- Free HUMANS Visa Bank Card: When you purchase a SIM-card, you receive a complimentary HUMANS Visa bank card with no deposit or fees. This card offers free service and cashback ranging from 2% to 20% on all purchases, providing additional financial benefits.


With the HUMANS.uz app, staying aloqada (keeping in touch) becomes easier and more affordable. It offers a comprehensive range of services, such as free mobile services, convenient money transfers, transparent service plans, and access to other payment and banking apps. Additionally, the app provides a free HUMANS Visa bank card with cashback benefits. Whether you want to support your loved ones, stay connected, or manage your finances, this app offers the perfect solution. Download the app now to experience seamless communication and efficient financial transactions.


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  • Internet is very slow(30 KB/s). They have not yet responded that they will consider your application within 3 days. Early days of Humans, internet was very good. Don't use Humans!
    2024-06-19 21:05:30
  • Beatifully designed. Not bad but it is difficult to understand of the purpose of this your service. Thanks
    2024-06-19 13:04:01
  • The worse company ever. Connection is 0.
    2024-06-19 09:40:33
  • Doesn't accept own number & sim card. Payed money fo tariff , cannot log in to make my pocket work. Very very bad!
    2024-06-19 03:50:49
  • The app is good, but please make internet speed faster and you may stop cashback of 35%.
    2024-06-18 23:19:28
  • This app is good for me. Net and call very good. I prefer Humans to other company. Thanks for Humans.
    2024-06-18 22:03:21