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OFX Money Transfer APK

OFX Money Transfer

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Package ID:au.com.ozforex

Developer:OFX (OzForex Limited)

  • Introduction

Introducing the OFX Money Transfer App, the easiest way to make fast, secure, and simple international money transfers anytime, anywhere. With better exchange rates and lower fees compared to the banks, our secure platform ensures the safety of your funds. Registration and transfers take only minutes, and you can track your payments on-the-go. Stay updated with live rates and currency trends, and access our global support team 24/7. Join over 1 million satisfied customers who have already registered with OFX.

Features of the OFX Money Transfer App:

- Better exchange rates and lower fees compared to banks: The app offers competitive rates and ensures that you save money on transfer fees.

- Secure platform: The app prioritizes the safety of your funds, providing a secure platform for your money transfers.

- Simple registration and quick transfers: With a seamless registration process, you can start transferring money within minutes and enjoy hassle-free transactions.

- Transfer tracking: Keep track of your transfers in real-time. You can easily monitor your payments and have peace of mind knowing where your money is at all times.

- Live rates and currency trends: Stay updated with the latest exchange rates and currency trends. This feature enables you to make informed decisions and capitalize on favorable market conditions.

- 24/7 global support team: The app provides round-the-clock customer support to assist you with any queries or concerns you might have during the transfer process, ensuring a smooth experience.


Experience fast, secure, and simple international money transfers with the OFX Money Transfer App. Save money with better exchange rates and lower fees compared to banks. The app offers a secure platform, simple registration process, and quick transfers within minutes. Keep track of your transfers and stay updated with live rates and currency trends.


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  • Transfer was canceled by them, despite my bank account being debited. To make it even worse, they put the burden on me to contact my bank to get a reversal on the transaction. Why can't they just credit my account? They deducted the funds from it so it shouldn't be so complicated!
    2024-06-20 09:30:50
  • Easy swift transfers. Highly recommended.
    2024-06-19 00:16:41
  • Always easy, always a good rate. Excellent customer service.
    2024-06-18 11:53:41
  • Very happy with the communication , prompt transfers after using regularly for a few months
    2024-06-18 00:00:39
  • The previous version was better! This one doesn't show rates until you click on the currency. Update: now that I've logged in the rates are displayed
    2024-06-16 03:11:00
  • This platform is not good i tried sending money to a friend. They ask a lot of questions. All the question was answer after 10 days of waiting my transaction is still processing. So i called ofx they told me that the trasaction cant be process cause it doesn't meet our company policy and they told me to get my money back i need to call my bank for them to widraw my money cause ofx cant do that to many hassle to get my money back.
    2024-06-15 15:18:31