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Package ID:com.b3g.fawri.wallet.msf.madmoun

Developer:Maymouna Services Financiers

  • Introduction

Introducing MADMOUN, the ultimate payment app that allows you to access a range of easy-to-use, fast, and secure services right from your mobile phone. With this app, you can open an account in just 2 minutes, and all your transactions are completely secure and confidential. Whether you want to pay at thousands of grocery stores, send money to friends, or deposit/withdraw money conveniently, MADMOUN has got you covered. No more hassles, no hidden costs. Download now and experience the convenience of seamless mobile payments. For any queries, our customer service is available at 080 2000 800.

Features of the App:

- Easy and Immediate Account Opening: The MADMOUN Assassi payment account can be opened within minutes through the mobile application, eliminating the need to travel to a bank or financial institution.

- Range of Secure Services: Users can benefit from a range of fast, secure, and easy-to-use services from their mobile phones. All transactions are completely secure, ensuring the safety of user information and data.

- Payment Anytime, Anywhere: With this app, users can make payments at thousands of grocery stores in Morocco directly from their mobile phones. It only takes one gesture to complete the payment, making transactions quick and convenient.

- Money Transfer with Ease: Sending and receiving money within Morocco is made effortless with just a click on the app. Users can transfer money directly to other mobile phones without having to travel.

- Payment Between Friends: MADMOUN simplifies the process of reimbursing friends for services rendered or outings. Settling accounts with friends has become as easy as sending a text message, making good accounts equal to good friendships.

- Convenient Deposit and Withdrawal: Depositing and withdrawing money from the MADMOUN account is straightforward and accessible. Approved points of sale, such as grocery stores, shops, and partner commercial agencies, allow users to carry out these operations easily.


MADMOUN app offers a hassle-free and efficient solution for financial transactions. With its easy and immediate account opening process, a range of secure services, and convenient payment options, users can enjoy fast and reliable financial management. Whether it's making payments, transferring money, or reimbursing friends, the app simplifies the process and ensures a seamless user experience. Download the app now to unlock the benefits of quick and secure mobile banking.


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    2024-06-20 20:08:00
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    2024-06-18 13:19:05
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