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Ma Banque

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Package ID:fr.creditagricole.androidapp

  • Introduction

Introducing Crédit Agricole's "Ma Banque" app, the ultimate solution for all your banking needs. This app is designed to make your everyday account management a breeze with its user-friendly interface and sleek design. With Ma Banque, you can effortlessly access your accounts, make transfers (even instant ones!), and ensure the security of your transactions using the SécuriPass service. Plus, you can manage your card options, view your insurances, credits, and savings, and even schedule appointments with your personal advisor. Stay connected and informed with notifications about important account activities, get tailored advice to suit your needs, and conserve energy by using the dark mode feature. And if that wasn't enough, Ma Banque offers an English version, a demo mode for offline use, and inclusive features for visually impaired users. Experience banking at its finest with Ma Banque.

Features of Ma Banque:

> Easy and intuitive navigation: The App ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to manage your accounts effortlessly.

> Secure transactions: With the innovative SécuriPass feature, you can guarantee the safety of your operations and protect your financial information.

> Convenient communication with your advisor: Stay connected and reach out to your dedicated advisor in a hassle-free manner, ensuring quick and efficient assistance.

> Comprehensive account management: Access a wide range of features such as checking your balances, making transfers (including instant transfers), and managing your card options in just a few taps.

> Extensive banking services: Stay informed about your insurances, credits, and savings, and easily schedule appointments with your advisor. You can also engage in direct communication and exchange messages for personalized advice.

> Enhanced accessibility: The App offers features like dark mode for energy-saving, an English version for international users, an offline demo mode, and tailored experiences for visually impaired users.


With the "Ma Banque" App, you can effortlessly manage your daily banking needs. Its user-friendly design, secure transaction capabilities, and seamless communication with your advisor make it an essential tool for your financial well-being. Additionally, the extensive range of features, accessibility options, and personalized assistance cater to all types of users. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download this App and take control of your finances today.


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